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Bambi (1942)

15 ratings8 reviews15 followers

Directors: David Hand

Cast: Hardie Albright, Stan Alexander, Peter Behn, Tim Davis, and Donnie Dunagan

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8 Movie Reviews
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  • hey
    hey7/13/20125 popcorn
    I love this movie!!! bambi is so cute!!! In the beginning its sooo sad, but the rest of the movie is great. You'll be oooohing and aaaaaing all over this movie!
    • cvv
      cvv8/13/20125 popcorn
      Bambi is one of my most favorite movies made by Disney!!!!! :3
      • dsherrod116
        dsherrod1161/3/20135 popcorn
        I thought this movie was beautiful.
        • redvelvet191
          redvelvet1916/17/20134 popcorn
          Now I'm just looking up movies i watched but, who cares. I love this movie because it's a fantasy (fantasies are my favorite) about talking animals who meet a baby deer named Bambi and help him with... I dunno... baby deer needs...
          • puppylover333
            puppylover3332/2/20145 popcorn
            this movie is a real disney classic! it is so cute and I love all the charcters!
            • puppylover333
              puppylover3332/2/20145 popcorn
              i loved it.
              • neoncat
                neoncat2/2/20145 popcorn
                A real classic and cute story :)
                • athleticamazin
                  athleticamazin3/12/20143 popcorn
                  Walt Disney's Bambi is an okay movie. It is not my favorite movie but I thought it was somewhat cute and maybe just a little funny.

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