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    An Egyptian man is inspiring millions of people around the world with his ping pong prowess. However it is not just his top-notch skills they are admiring, but also, the way he ...
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    It's been all this time and I didn't know about this until now?!
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    The term "bird brain" is frequently used to describe a person's lack of intelligence and good decision-making ability. However, some scientists believe it should be considered a...
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    The term "bird brain" is frequently used to describe a person's lack of intelligence and good decision-making ability. However, some scientists believe it should be considered a...
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    Harry Potter's biggest challenge ever!Happy, who feels more painful in the wounds of his forehead due to the nightmares he creates every day, is happy to be able to get out of the nightmare by participating in the Quidditch World Cup with friends Ron and Hermione. However, ominous energy appears in the sky near the Quidditch campsite. That is, the symbol of the Dark Lord Voldemort,'Mark of Darkness' appeared. After Voldemort disappeared 13 years ago, his followers, Death Eaters, who dared not reveal themselves, evoked the mark; fearful Harry wants to return to the safe Hogwarts School of Magic. If you're the headmaster of Dumbledore, you'll be able to protect yourself... find the ultimate champion! Triwizard Magic Contest!!However, this year is a little different from the previous year, and principal Dumbledore announced that he had decided to hold a Triwizard tournament in Hogwarts, which had been suspended to solidify the three prestigious magic schools in Europe. Triwizard is the most exciting and dangerous magical contest in the wizard world. One of the champions selected from the top three prestigious schools of magic competes for the Triwizard Cup. Hogwarts students marvel at the graceful French Beauvaton Magic Academy girls who visited to participate in the competition, and the boys at the Dumbstrang School in Bulgaria with a strong atmosphere fill the banquet hall.The venue is organized and the magic department staffs Bati Crouch and Dumbledore Under the presidency of the principal, a ceremony is held in which a cup of magical fire selects each school exhibitor. In the splendid fireworks festival, the cup of fire finally names the three students. They are the superstars of the Quidditch game at Dumstrang School, Victor Krum and the Fleur Delakur of the Bobaton Magic Academy, and Hogwarts' all-around beauty and the most popular Kedric Diggory, but after all three names were called, the cup of fire was unexpectedly another. Spits out one's name. The name is Harry Potter! The inevitable confrontation of fatality! However, Harry is 14 years younger than the age of 17, the age limit of the contestants. In addition, he says he has no intention to participate, saying that he has never put his name in the cup of fire, but he is forced to compete according to the determined will of the cup of fire. This has brought Harry Potter's attention to suspicion and envy, and Rita Schiter, a journalist expert on scandal, fanned it out by writing an article about the screams of Harry. Even Harry's best friend, Ron, starts believing that Harry wanted to become famous and manipulated the glass of fire to call his name, and Dumbledore, the principal who thought Harry put Harry's name in a glass of fire to put Harry at risk Professor Madeye Moody of the new Dark Magical Defense Professor instructs Harry Potter to defend. Harry begins his magical training for the three challenges of the Triwizard competition. Challenges include avoiding fire-spraying dragons, diving deep in huge lakes, and escaping live mazes. However, the more difficult task for Harry is to find a partner to attend the Christmas ball, YULL BALL. Fighting dragons, mermaids, and grindillos is a lot easier for Harry than to ask Cho Cheng, a lovely schoolgirl, to be a Christmas ball partner, while Ron realizes that her feelings for Hermione are different. Without realizing...the strongest spectacle unfolds towards the cup of fire!!The situation changes rapidly as someone is killed at Hogwarts campus. Feared by Voldemort's nightmare, Harry visits Dumbledore, but he also fails to provide a clear answer. As the game progresses and Harry and other players are struggling to solve the final task, something keeps an eye on them: the moment Victory comes to the fore, all the truth so far is revealed and Harry Potter is inescapable of true evil. The showdown is waiting... Although it was long, I loved it!
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    Hogwarts's Biggest Crisis He's back! Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) waiting for the fifth year of the Hogwarts School of Magic on a long and boring summer day. I'm tired of living with Aunt Dusley's family, and I don't get a letter from my friends Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson). Meanwhile, an unexpected letter arrives. It was news that Harry was expelled from Hogwarts School of Magic at Little Winning outside school because he used magic to prevent the attack of the mentors in front of Muggle's cousin Dudley, Muggle. Harry has a dark front. Suddenly, Dark Wizard auras appear and take Harry to the secret place of the Order of the Phoenix. The fate of the Dumbledore army and the knights of the Phoenix Knights is in their hands! Harry, who met the Phoenix Knights, including Sirius (Gary Oldman), learned of his parents' past, gained strength and expelled himself. Hardy) is put in court, but he is found innocent thanks to the mediation of Principal Dumbledore (Sir Michael Bolbol), but the Prophet Ilbo accuses Harry of the return of Voldemort (Ralph Pines) for accusing him of being a red lie, and students suspect Harry. Out of place. Besides, even Dumbledore, the principal who helped him when he was in the most difficult situation, kept Harry away for no reason... On the other hand, Dumbledore was unsatisfactory, but when Harry's expulsion became reckless, the Minister of Magic appointed Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Stirton) as a professor in the'Dark Magic Defense' course. However, Umbudji's magic defense class puts students in trouble rather than defending themselves from the power of darkness. Here comes the knights who will face the strongest magic confrontation of darkness! Hermione and Ron form a secret organization that believes in Harry's abilities and dubbed "Dumbledore's Army." Harry teaches students how to defend themselves against the magic of darkness, and prepares them for the upcoming battle. However, Harry suffers from a nightmare that predicts an ominous event every night. Now, you'll feel that the battle with Voldemort is not long before, and with the nightmare of Sirius being attacked, Harry heads for the room of prophecy in the Mystery Department of the Magic Department with the Dumbledore army. And those who eat the death that followed... The sparkling confrontation between the magic of light and the magic of darkness Harry Potter, the Order of the Phoenix, the fate of Hogwarts is up to them! Long but good, I loved this book!
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