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    The school of good and evil is a fantastic, puzzling page turning adventure! Such a original and twist to classic stories. Agatha and Sophie are two opposite girls who are bound tougher as friends. Sophie is a girl who is looking for more than a small village, she has a dream to be more than then village that ties her down. While Agatha is secluded and is reluctant socially until she meets Sophie. But there's one big phonon in every year two kids one good and evil get captured to go to the school good and evil. A place where people learn to be hero's and villains, making there own fairytale...But when they get captured, they are put in the wrong schools, but could that uncover more about there personality then they knew. I recommend this to all people looking for a twists and puzzles everyone....
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    That is so cool!The architecture,and the magnificence of the whole place is astounding!This must have took such a long time to make,and must attract lots of tourists,and fame to the village JukkasjÀrvi.This dose seem like a remarkable place to visit,but its freezing if your like me you hate the cold.I also believe it must cost a lot of money to rebuild every year!But the truth is you will never find anything like it in the world!
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