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    1. Japanese giant salamanders are 5 feet long. a. The author refers to them as ancient animals because they were around for, "20 million years" even though the earth is only 6,000 years old. b. These salamanders can be found on Kyushu Island and western Honshu in Japan. 2. A den-master is a large male salamander. a. 3 ways they protect their young are: Swallowing their eggs so they won't get infected, Fan their tails to ensure water circulation so that the developing eggs would have better exposure to oxygen, and, uses their heads and bodies to agitate or stir the eggs. 3. Another amphibian that could receive a best dad award is the Chinese giant salamander. a. This salamander is on the endangered list because of destruction of their habitat. Critical Thinking Question: We don't want species of animal to go extinct because otherwise, we will never see that animal on the earth again.
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    1. A large part of Bangladesh is covered in water during a rainy season because most of the country is made up of water. a. That effects the children in that area because then they can't go to school because in all flooded. 2. Mohammed Rezwan changed this problem by making "floating schools" which are schools that are on a boat. a. His mission has expanded over the years because, But as the world began to hear about the organization's worthy cause, money started to pour in. In 2003, he received $5,000 USD from the Global Fund For Children and then 100,000 USD from US-based Levi Foundation. The non-profit's biggest boost came in 2005, when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated $1 million USD. These funds and the recent $20,000 USD grant from the WISE (World Innovation Summit For Education) has allowed the organization to expand beyond its original mission. 3. Rezwan decided to create floating farms because as the flooding increases, it will reduce whatever little farm land the residents currently have access to, giving them no choice but to migrate to the already over-populated areas on higher ground. a. Rezwan hopes to prepare residents of the low-lying areas of Bangladesh for the rising sea levels that he believes are inevitable thanks to climate change. Critical Thinking Question: Rezwan disapproves of most floating schools some because of their flat-bottomed design that would not survive big storms and others, because they are constructed using steel. The philanthropist believes that in order for floating boats to become more widespread, they have to be sturdy enough to withstand forces of nature and built with local sustainable materials.
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