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    Imagine being in love with someone but not being able to get within 6 feet of them. Five Feet Apart by Racheal Lippincott, is told from Stella Grant's perspective, along with Will Newman’s. Stella Grant suffers from cystic fibrosis (CF) and is waiting for a lung transplant. She’s had CF for almost her whole life and has been in Saint Grace’s Hospital for a long time too. She’s used to being in control of everything and Saint Grace’s is her second home. Will Newman is the complete opposite. He has just come to Saint Grace’s after being in several different hospitals because of his CF but also B ceptica. Will does whatever he wants and whenever he wants. Stella meets Will and instantly she hates him. She doesn’t like how he doesn’t care about his meds or health. Stella tries to help Will out by getting him to take his meds, but something unexpected happens, they fall in love. Except they can’t get closer than 6 feet or they can die. Anyone who enjoys romance with a big conflict should read this book. In my opinion this book is good for 6th graders and up. It has a mature context but isn’t widely inappropriate. I really liked this book because the story was told from both characters' point of views. This helped me understand how both Will and Stella felt.
    8 months ago
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    By Rachael Lippincott
    9 months ago

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