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    readwriter's book review was featured in Bodyguard: Recruit.
    Connor Reeves, the newly acclaimed Britain Junior Kickboxing Champion, finds himself caught up in an over-the-top-secret organization of kids called Guardian, where he is training to be a Bodyguard. But when he gets his first assignment after only a few weeks of training, Connor doesn't know if he's ready. When it comes down to it, could he really give his life for someone else? This book was one of the best I've ever read! You'll get lost in the action and when you've finished you'll be scrambling to get your hands on the next one!
    7 months ago
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    readwriter's book review was featured in Bodyguard: Hostage.
    Connor and Alicia return in this incredible sequel to Bodyguard: Recruit! Except now, the stakes are higher than ever and Connor is doubting his ability to protect Alicia. So when tragedy strikes, it's up to Connor-and only Connor-to protect Alicia-even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice. Unlike most sequels, this one blew the first out of the water! I turned pages faster than a jet plane and couldn't put it down until the back cover was turned! It was a truly amazing read!
    7 months ago
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    readwriter's book review was featured in Horizon (Horizon, Book 1).
    A random and 1-in-a-million chance plane crash finds itself leaving 8 kids stranded in the middle of a jungle. But the jungle shouldn't even be there. And, aside from its strange location, the jungle is full of strange animals, plants, and noises. With several predators, little food, and almost no resources, can the kids find out why the plane crashed, where the other 492 passengers went, and figure out how to get home? But, the biggest question of all is: Will they be able to survive? This captivating book will have you under its spell with the first sentence and keep you reading until the last page is turned and the cover is shut!
    8 months ago
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    readwriter's book review was featured in Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt: A Narwhal and Jelly Book.
    There are three stories in this lovable graphic novel about a narwhal and a jellyfish. One day, they decide to become superheroes! But to be a superhero, you have to have a superpower. Will they be able to find theirs? Do they even have one? In the second story, Super Narwhal finds a starfish on a rock. The starfish wants to be a real star up in the sky. How can Super Narwhal help the starfish's dream come true? And in the third story, Jelly is sad. Narwhal makes up silly scenarios to make him happy. But what made him sad in the first place? This fun and funny book will warm the hearts of all ages!
    9 months ago
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    readwriter's movie review was featured in Moana.
    Z4x0bp48ar3mda8kipd1vwsy3d8Moana is a young Hawaiian girl who must travel across the unknown ocean after a lifetime of being kept on her island. She learns what it is to be herself and she helps Maui realize that he didn't have to do anything to impress anyone and just being himself was enough. This incredible film is very inspiring! It's about finding and knowing who you truly are and following your dreams, even if the whole world tells you not to. Besides that, it has incredible music, amazing animation, and great plot twists to keep you intrigued! The casting couldn't have been done better. Everyone played their character so well, I couldn't tell they were acting! This is definitely a must-see for all ages!
    10 months ago
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    readwriter's movie review was featured in Descendants.
    Sn7wrzwwkg9tumdlmcbtaawodwmThis movie is one of the greatest I have ever seen! It's the perfect combination of the modern world and fairy tales. Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are chosen to go to the land of Auradon, the place where all the heroes live. There they meet Prince Ben, the soon-to-be king of Auradon. While trying to steal the magic wand of Cinderella's fairy godmother, they realize that being good isn't as bad as they thought. But they also know their villain parents will punish them beyond belief if they fail. This fun twist on the classic fairy tales will take you on a journey you'll never forget!
    12 months ago
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    readwriter's book review was featured in The Prince Warriors and the Unseen Invasion.
    This amazing addition to the Prince Warriors series is full of suspense, unexpected surprises, and much more! As the Warriors embark on yet another adventure to help save Ahoratos and earn another piece of armor, new troubles are brewing and harder challenges are faced. But the unseen invasion will pose as the most difficult task they've had so far. This book whisks you away to the world that can only be reached by opening the cover and flying through the pages with the Warriors. The Unseen Invasion will have you dressed in armor and out on the battlefield at the first word, and you'll see the things unseen to everyone else.
    About 1 year ago
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    readwriter's book review was featured in The Inquisitor's Tale: Or, The Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog.
    This was by far one of the best books I've ever read! Full of adventure, betrayal, suspense, and, of course, never-ending inquisition. In this tale, a man comes to an inn seeking a story. Not just any story, though. No way, this man was looking for a story of three children. Oh, and their holy dog, Gwenforte, of course. The man hears of their adventures to reach their destinations, save ancient Jewish books, and escape a king and his mother. This book has kept me on my toes ever since I first opened it and I knew when I closed it, it wouldn't be for the last time.
    About 1 year ago
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    readwriter's book review was featured in Gears of Revolution (Mysteries of Cove).
    If you're looking for a book that's full of action, unpredictable plot twists, and characters you can't help but loving, you've found it! In this incredible book, Trenton and Kallista continue their journey to find her father, the famous inventor Leo Babbage. On the way, they get caught up in an underground city's problems and plans for defeating the dragons and they have to put their search aside. But, as the story goes on, Trenton and Kallista discover more about the city and it's past and they begin to wonder who they can trust. This book will suck you into it's realm and never let you out until the last page is turned and the book is closed. And the lingering aftertaste will keep you on your toes in hopes that Mr. Savage will write the third book quickly!
    Over 1 year ago
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    readwriter's book review was featured in Secrets of Bearhaven (Bearhaven #1).
    In the city of Bearhaven, bears can communicate with humans, bears act like humans. All in all, bears live like humans. In this amazing book, you'll travel through the world of Spencer Plain, who isn't so plain after all. Throughout this story, you'll feel loneliness, fear, pride, and wonder. You'll feel like you've been left out and you don't matter. But, while these things cloud your thoughts, one thing stays the same, and one question remains unanswered: Why are there so many secrets?
    Almost 2 years ago

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