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    This is the best movie I ever watched and anyone who can watch it should watch it. It has the one of the best plots ever. And Thanos he is so cool and his powers the best! So I give this five star!
    3 months ago
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    Avengers: Endgame is a great movie because it has a lot of fighting and super powers. It also is a amazing movie because it is very realistic for example the characters build everything they have to fight with etc. The last reason you should watch this movie is because the characters take huge risks and sacrifice they're life for the universe.
    3 months ago
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    "I am inevitable!" - Thanos. I think this is one of Marvel's best movies ever! It has a good plot and good characters, but the best part of the movie was Ant-Man! I don't like how it kills a couple of characters (I won't spoil who), and makes some storylines impossible to continue, because those characters are awesome! It also did a bad job of time travel. You can't kill someone's past self, and have their present self still living! But this was still an incredible movie that I think everyone should watch! I probably should have watched most of the other movies first, though...
    3 months ago
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    squeak wants to watch this movie.
    3 months ago

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