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    Waiting for you, By, Susane Colasanti In the story Waiting for you, A girl named Marissa and her best friend Sterling are starting sophomore. This is there lucky year they both will get a boyfriend. Marissa has a HUGE crush a boy named Derek. Sterling likes older guys. Marissa’s family is a regular happy family at first. The family slowly starts to drift away. On the other hand Sterling doesn't have much of a family. Her dad moved away and she barely sees her mom. Dirty Dirk is a radio station that EVERYONE listens to at 11:00pm. When Derek gets dumped, She may have a chance of a true relationship. Nash is also a great friend. Who will Marissa fall for in the end. This story is a modern day love story that could happen anywhere.Marisa is a teenaged girl with longer hair and a little curvy. Sterling is a teenaged girl with long hair and and very skinny. Nash is a teenaged boy with short hair and skinny. Sanda is her little sister and is very fit and skinny. When sophomore year approached, Sterling and Marissa could stop talking about how it is there lucky year. When dirty dirk comes on the air he seems to get all what is happening in Marissas life. Derek is her dream boyfriend,When he gets dumped by Seairra. WHen Derek comes to sit at her table in art, she gets so happy. Sterling is more into older guys, she started to do online dating and they all turn out to be rejects. She decides to find someone her own age. With Sterling close to no family and Marissas family falling apart will their lives make a sudden turn. Will this make them happier or more depressed? The author Susane Colasanti decided to make little surprised that no one would expect. This is a great book if you are into realistic fiction and a romantic story.
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