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    Roald Dahl's unique style of writing is very enjoyable. This book was refreshingly different and funny. The Twits, though married, play nasty tricks on each other. The Twits are ugly people with downright dreadful actions. So of course, enter the innocent characters Muggle-Wumps and family, who get abused. Then one day a Roly-Poly bird visits them, and changes everything. Will The Twits ever get what they deserve? I'd recommend this book for ages 6+, people who like pranks, and Roald Dahl.
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    By Roald Dahl
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    I liked this book because instead of a dull, straightforward and typical book on Greek mythology, thanks to Percy's P.O.V., this book was pretty much the opposite. I liked how the details in the book were described in modern times, so it was easier to understand and funnier to read. Like how instead of an author trying to describe the story from a person's point of view who was from that time, it was described from Percy, a present-day kid. This book put an accurate spin on 12 famous Greek myths. I would recommend this book for people who like the Percy Jackson & HoO series, and Greek mythology.
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    National Geographic, animals, facts, cool pictures--what more could I want? This book sounds awesome, and I'd love to win it! I enjoy reading and learning new things about animals. Facts are so cool! I also really liked Nat Geo's Weird But True and Brain Candy series, so I think I'll like this book. Thank you SO much, DOGObooks, for hosting this giveaway! Good luck to everyone!
    28 days ago
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    This world of splendor and magic is all but perfect. Westley, Buttercup's true love, is "dead", and she is forced to marry Prince Humperdinck. But, some time before their wedding day, she is kidnapped by Vinzzini and taken captive. A man in black (Westley) saves her, together they venture into the forest. Meanwhile, the watcher, YOU, has questions that need answers: Who is this six-fingered man? Is Westley alright? What exactly is Prince Humperdinck planning? Will true love prevail? And how will it all end?! This funny, engaging, sublime movie has the answers! I would recommend this movie for people who like fairy tales and classic movies!
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