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The Sound of Music (03/02)

34 ratings49 reviews
  • this_is_me
    this_is_me55 popcorn
    This is a great movie! It is a pretty sophisticated, so if you are 6 years old or younger, I would suggest not watching this. This movie is VERY long, but it is amazing! It looks and sounds REALLY boring, but it is actually very good! I think everyone should watch this movie, it is really incredi...

Katy Perry: Part of Me (07/05)

68 ratings87 reviews
  • katie2cool
    katie2cool55 popcorn
    Katy Perry is my favorite singer and roll model. She is just so courageous and people told her that she could'nt do it but she believed that she could and now she is one of the celebrity icons of the century.This movie was the most inspiring movie i have ever seen. Now I know that is ok to be dif...

The Pink Panther (02/10)

14 ratings13 reviews
  • pinkxoxo
    pinkxoxo44 popcorn
    The Pink Panther is sooo cute! People who like cartoons, BE SURE TO WATCH THIS! The reason I rated it 4 stars is because if you watch it too long your eyes droop-I actually Liked all the other parts!

Home (03/27)

4 ratings5 reviews
  • brave_13
    This movie came out on my Birthday!! So I just had to have see it. I am not a spoiler just know that where your heart leads you to is your home remember that! Nobody else can tell you where your heart is not your mom your dad your heart. I think this movie is a great description of that. Watch an...

Into the Woods (12/25)

86 ratings228 reviews
  • Nekojiin
    I've been hearing several complaints that this movie is horrible. That argument is invalid. a). This movie was originally a musical, so if you were really that interested in watching this movie, you should have found some background information on it. If musicals aren't for you, then so be it. Bu...

Annie (12/19)

101 ratings336 reviews
  • Gamer
    I feel like this movie was lacking compared to the 1982 movie. The remix of Little Girls is cringe-worthy, and I felt like Sandy's role was greatly diminished in this version of the beloved play. Although it does have nice remixes of "Tommorow", "It's a Hard Knock Life", and "I think I'm Gonna L...

Big Hero 6 (11/07)

251 ratings946 reviews
  • spinnypeeps
    spinnypeeps55 popcorn
    *I am Baymax, your personal health care companion. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?* On a scale of one to ten, I would rate this movie a twelve. At first, I thought this was going to be the classic yet boring plot: "Ingenious boy invents robot. The robot is a but- kicking f...

Frozen Fever (03/13)

51 ratings161 reviews
  • bigmelo
    bigmelo55 popcorn
    I... Must... Watch... This. You see, I suffer from a rare medical condition that is prescribed to one person out of 7.3 billion people. It's called the Frozen Fever, & it'll make your body slowly stiffen into ice. Of course, this all started when I was very young, & my sister struck me in the hea...

Cinderella (03/13)

32 ratings72 reviews
  • 3002efg
    3002efg55 popcorn
    i LOVE Hayley Atwell and i am just so glad she got a part as the mother in this amazing movie. After her hit series Agent Carter, this is just what she needs to get noticed by everyone.

Earth to Echo (04/25)

18 ratings22 reviews
  • redheadperson22
    redheadperson2233 popcorn
    Warning! This review contains spoilers! There're 3 boys and they're all best friends. But there's going to be a road (or something) built through the town they live in, so they all have to move. But before they move, a lot of people's phones start acting weird. The boys figure out that the phones...

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (11/20)

3 ratings10 reviews
  • bigmelo
    bigmelo55 popcorn
    I won't give any spoilers since I read the book, but be prepared for tons of action, drama, & romance! I'm looking forward to watching this, as well! :D

Insurgent (03/20)

7 ratings21 reviews
  • bigmelo
    bigmelo55 popcorn
    I've heard many things about both the movie series & the books, so I believe I have collected enough information to analyze this series. This is the Divergent series, written by Veronica Roth, which revolves around Beatrice Prior, a young woman living in a futuristic world. In this setting, peopl...

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (11/21)

86 ratings288 reviews
  • fiddlefaddle
    Mockingjay part 1 is the outstanding one half of the third series of the trilogy, hunger games. It shows many emotions. Such a hatred, love, depression, and whatever else you can think of in this movie. its just like a roller coaster on the big screen. There is much hate between the capitol and t...

Cheaper by the Dozen (12/25)

6 ratings6 reviews
  • cheetahluver
    cheetahluver55 popcorn
    This movie was totally awesome- a hilarious mix of funny, exciting, and drama. I love finding out what the kids come up with. Please watch, I totally recommend!

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (03/06)

0 ratings2 reviews
  • jaja101
    I really want to watch this it seems interesting.Is it a mystery or an adventure.I realllllllllllllllllly want to watch this so I hope this is a good movie.

The Lego Movie (02/07)

390 ratings760 reviews
  • sydbravesgirl17
    sydbravesgirl1744 popcorn
    I enjoyed this movie a lot. Great characters, graphics, and plot. I liked Cloud Cuckoo Land and all the Master Builders. It used several LEGO themes, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel Heroes, and Lord of the Rings. Fun message, too. However, nothing is completely perfect. Some jokes are a...

Megamind (11/05)

55 ratings39 reviews
  • madridista10
    madridista1033 popcorn
    Great kids movie, lots of kid humor, it was quite amusing. For me, it was about average. It had a cool ending. I'd recommend for ages 6 and up.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (02/12)

255 ratings290 reviews
  • Catbug
    For those of you who are like, " omg RIck Riordan why didn't you tell the movie producers that they made the movie all wrong" and " omg this was horrible it's nothing like the book. If you check Rick Riordan's website, and check the Q & A, it clearly states he had little to no influence on the mo...

Finding Nemo (05/30)

144 ratings101 reviews
  • Tori
    Finding Nemo, is like a sad movie and also a great movie at the same time. Finding Nemo is one of those movies who a dad fish goes looking for his son but it happens like one day nemo was not even born yet and so his mother and dad woke up and checked on there baby's in a hole under the sea and s...

Annie (06/18)

35 ratings40 reviews
  • rainbowunicorn
    rainbowunicorn44 popcorn
    this was a really good movie about an orphan who is adopted by a billionaire who cares about two things, money and power, meanwhile annie is in search of her real parents, they left her a locket in which they had the other half and promised to return as soon as they had the money, so daddy warbox...

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (12/17)

42 ratings119 reviews
  • neoncat
    neoncat55 popcorn
    *NON-SPOILER REVIEW* There are so many reasons why I love the Hobbit. I can't say in words how much it has changed my life. I love all of Tolkien's work and it broke my heart to see it all come to an end. It was phenomenal, intense, and epic. Although some parts were different, I look past it bec...

Guardians of the Galaxy (08/01)

101 ratings279 reviews
  • Dear Earthlings
    The Guardians of the Galaxy were suppose to be crushed by our alien military might. All these different characters are all unique and are lucky to have just happened to find each other. These characters were all suppose to be bad guys like me. Ronan (that's me) should have destroyed all of you. I...

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (06/30)

20 ratings12 reviews
  • liandres
    liandres55 popcorn
    5 ticket winners got to see the factory of Willy Wonka, which makes the best sweets. Charlie, one of those lucky kids, was the only one that got through without getting in trouble and was rewarded.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (06/15)

17 ratings22 reviews
  • qh
    qh33 popcorn
    This movie was a type of pilot to a tv series Equestria Girls which isn't out a the moment (but you can still by the toys, MONEY MONEY MONAY) Many people were excited to see a film adaptation of the series My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. And for the fans, there is a lot of call backs to old...

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i luv it also so silly
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