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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (06/24)

23 ratings17 reviews
  • Micah news
    Really I love them because of new auto bots! and two are really funny! and there is a ton of...swear words!And I mean allot! : 0

Annie (06/18)

20 ratings21 reviews
  • rainbowunicorn
    this was a really good movie about an orphan who is adopted by a billionaire who cares about two things, money and power, meanwhile annie is in search of her real parents, they left her a locket in which they had the other half and promised to return as soon as they had the money, so daddy warbox...

The Fault In Our Stars (06/06)

42 ratings112 reviews
  • ann_the_reader
    I went to go see this movie twice. Each time was as amazing as the last. I cried, laughed, cried, cried, and cried again. Yes, it's a very sad movie; at times. But there are also extremely hilarious parts as well. Most of the time, the movie does not even hold a candle to the book. The Fault In O...

Guardians of the Galaxy (08/01)

31 ratings58 reviews
  • ET
    I saw this move recently and LOVED it. At first I didn't want to see it at all, but it turned out to be really good. For those of you who haven't seen it, if your expecting a typical Marvel movie like Iron Man or the Avengers, this is far from it. Although there was action the movie was more come...

How to Build a Better Boy (08/17)

28 ratings92 reviews
  • nancydrew963
    nancydrew9632 popcorn
    Disney movies are known for being extremely cliché and having the most average plots ever. I'm definitely past most of the stuff currently playing on Disney and there are few shows that interest me anymore. Still, this movie was so-so. Sometimes I loved it, sometimes I hated it. During the entire...

The Maze Runner (09/19)

25 ratings60 reviews
  • ness33
    um newt dies and so does teresa. thomas finds a new girl called brenda and they fall in love. there's a prequel called the kill order and a sequel to the prequel called the fever code. in my opinion, the maze runner is just like all the other trilogies that i have read. the first book- great, 11/...

Mummy, I'm A Zombie (10/06)

9 ratings16 reviews
  • fatoomalemon
    fatoomalemon5 popcorn
    In the sequel to DADDY, I'M A ZOMBIE, all of our favorite characters are back! The fate of the planet is once again in Dixie's hands as she must fight to end the battle that has erupted between the living and the walking dead while balancing her newfound popularity at school and a campaign for st...

Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon (08/19)

4 ratings8 reviews
  • derrik
    Watching Tom & Jerry has given me continuous hours of laughter. I really enjoy the simple plot summary & the crazy cartoons throughout the short, animated film. Ever since the show's start in 1940, there has been a tremendous amount of transformation.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (09/27)

135 ratings227 reviews
  • awesomeisme
    awesomeisme5 popcorn
    It's great! There is a lot of imagination in it. The fruit/veggie animals are so cute! It's also a lot about friendship and trust. It's not like any other movie. Now a days Disney movies are basically about someone wants something and they go get it. Like in Planes, Turbo, Tangled, etc. But this ...

When the Game Stands Tall (08/22)

4 ratings10 reviews
  • fireball
    I went to go to see it and I thought it was interesting I remember when they were play in in the heat I could not do that

Transformers: Age of Extinction (06/27)

18 ratings53 reviews
  • sweetpicks
    sweetpicks3 popcorn
    I thought that this movie was very long and was just like the last movie. Why did put the dinosaurs in the last 5 minutes of the movie. In my opinion it was just an okay movie. It could have been better. Plus there was a lot of product placement of fancy cars. Then they were putting off megaton s...

Big Hero 6 (11/07)

5 ratings15 reviews
  • iyannad
    iyannad5 popcorn
    i can not wait till this movie comes out it is like the best of some movies i have seen in this state sirosly i love the preview if you are going to the movies to see Big Hero 6 follow me

Finding Nemo 3D (09/14)

4 ratings4 reviews
  • Katey
    I Saw This Yesterday! It Was Super Awesome! I'm Hoping For It Too Come Out On DVD Soon. ~Kate Out

Selena (03/21)

3 ratings5 reviews
  • peacelovemaya
    I saw this movie I remember I meant Selena gomez! but shes awesome too! I saw this like idk 2 or 3 yrs ago She was a really good singer I think shes awesome

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (12/16)

170 ratings170 reviews
  • victoria3204
    victoria32045 popcorn
    The vacationing Chipmunks and Chipettes are turning a luxury cruise liner into their personal playground, until they become 'chipwrecked' on a remote island. As the 'Munks and Chipettes try various schemes to find their way home, they accidentally discover their new turf is not as deserted as it ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (08/08)

15 ratings37 reviews
  • nick483
    nick4833 popcorn
    This movie was not bad it was very funny and look alike you guys must watch also it is not just action it is also comedy besides I like the purple one since he is smart and see the red ninja Rafyell he was crying.

Divergent (03/21)

118 ratings241 reviews
  • ifeelbookish
    ifeelbookish5 popcorn
    *SPOILERS* (I didn't know whether to review the book or the movie, so I just reviewed both.) So let's start with the characters. Well, Uriah was going to be introduced in Insurgent, and Al killed himself five minutes after he was introduced. Ugh. Edward wasn't in the movie, and of course, there w...

The Lego Movie (02/07)

316 ratings556 reviews
  • sydbravesgirl17
    I enjoyed this movie a lot. Great characters, graphics, and plot. I liked Cloud Cuckoo Land and all the Master Builders. It used several LEGO themes, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel Heroes, and Lord of the Rings. Fun message, too. However, nothing is completely perfect. Some jokes are a...

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (10/10)

10 ratings18 reviews
  • bibliophile
    I watched this movie with one of my friend, my friend's little brother, and my brother. It was a cute, crazy movie!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (07/11)

3 ratings8 reviews
  • elsa123
    I love this movie it is a great sequel to rise of the planet of the apes and it is all about ceaser, the main ape, but I wish his "dad" is still in the movie

Need For Speed (03/14)

1 rating6 reviews
  • jordan fallon
    I don't think so fast and furouse 1-6 is the best

Pokemon - The Movie 2000 (07/21)

14 ratings10 reviews
  • greykyurem
    greykyurem5 popcorn
    I thought that this movie was a coooooooooool and fun movie to watch. Im a big fan of pokemon so that was also a reason i liked it. I urge you all who are reading this to watch it you can watch it on Pokemon.com completely free!!!! Pokemon: The Movie 2002 was an inspiring movie for me, first of a...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (04/04)

28 ratings57 reviews
  • bibliophile
    I agree with you that it was an awesome movie, and it was better then the first movie... but it wasn't better then Frozen... well that's what I think, honestly since one is with actual people while Frozen is a Disney animation movie... I guess I can't really compare, if you just want to compare t...

Barbie and the Secret Door (09/16)

3 ratings22 reviews
  • humm...
    When I saw the trailer, I noticed that the plot is a bit like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Season 4-Twilight's Kingdom part 1 and part 2; About the "antagonist wants all the power" thing, and there's lots of Barbie princess hero hero sparkly yay kind of stuff and such.

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