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The Fault In Our Stars (06/06)

8 ratings31 reviews
  • alicorn
    I promised myself that I wouldn't watch the movie before I read the book. And I plan on getting the book tomorrow!!! I can't wait! My friends said that both the book and the movie were really good. They kind of forced me into reading the sad, but romantic story that captured so many young minds. ;)

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (12/25)

23 ratings48 reviews
  • jmpanda14
    jmpanda144 popcorn
    This movie is about a man who works at Time Magazine. He zones out sometimes which means he goes into this little fantasy world of his. While working at Time Magazine he loses a film that a famous photographer had given to him and he needs to find it. I love the message of the movie because while...

The Monuments Men (02/07)

4 ratings6 reviews
  • Aussie
    I really think this is a cool movie and I really want to see it.

The Social Network (10/01)

3 ratings2 reviews
  • mad4tennis
    mad4tennis4 popcorn
    This movie was very interesting, because you would never think that Mark Zuckerburg would do something like this. But I also think that they over exaggerated the things that he actually did.

The Dark Knight (07/18)

30 ratings23 reviews
  • conhaj
    conhaj5 popcorn
    s movie is an amazing movie im so sad heath ledger aka the joker died before he saw the final product for the mimvie i think heath didnt deserve to die but this movie was amazing with amazing actors and over all 5 popcorn

Spider-Man 3 (05/04)

49 ratings20 reviews
  • creeper247
    creeper2474 popcorn
    This movie was, in my opinion (and I'm sure most of you will agree) , the worst Sam Raimi directed movie in the movie franchise. I must confess, I expected more out of this movie, what with the past two movies being so awesome. Here are my reasons to say so: Three villains+romance= NO. Almost a...

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita e bella) (12/20)

1 rating1 review
  • oli1
    oli15 popcorn
    This awesome story is about a Jewish waiter who is sent to a concentration camp with his son and wife, and saves his sons innocence by playing a game. GREAT STORY to tell about the love for his son!!!

Step Up (08/11)

14 ratings9 reviews
  • seary
    seary5 popcorn
    This movie is sooooo awesome love it, want it, can't stop thinking about it!!! I love all the actors. Best movie ever!!

Heaven Is for Real (04/16)

21 ratings37 reviews
  • beezus03
    beezus033 popcorn
    This movie is ok. I would recommend it if you are really interested in religious things, like God. I liked it, but it wasn't the best movie ever. However, I think the book was awesome, and had a lot more details that made me like the book a little more than the movie. Check out my Book Shelf to ...

Gravity (10/04)

4 ratings18 reviews
  • brookelol
    brookelol4 popcorn
    This movie wuz really good and won an oscar 4 best picture. Plus Sandra Bullock & George Clooney were amazing!!!!!!!!! U guys should watch it cuz it's so cool 2 watch!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Step Up 3-D (08/06)

20 ratings9 reviews
  • lissa
    lissa5 popcorn
    its about some people who are born to dance but they dont have any were to live so this guy gives them someplace to live but the bank is about to sell the place so they are in this dance compition for money at the end every thing is just fine

Vampire Academy (02/07)

0 ratings1 review
  • ssagitarious
    great movie, but follow the rating, its PG13 for a reason, if your not 13 don't see it

Noah (03/28)

7 ratings15 reviews
  • christain
    this movie is totaly different from the bible. they say God told Noah to leave the earth unpopulated.really God wanted Noah to build a ark beacuse there the only family that kept there trust in God. God wanted to keep the earth sin free. Noah ( in the movie ) tried to kill his granddaughters beac...

Fiddler on the Roof (11/03)

1 rating2 reviews
  • wordnerd7
    Succh a good movie! Good theme and music that makes you want to dance!

The Sound of Music (03/02)

27 ratings33 reviews
  • this_is_me
    this_is_me5 popcorn
    This is a great movie! It is a pretty sophisticated, so if you are 6 years old or younger, I would suggest not watching this. This movie is VERY long, but it is amazing! It looks and sounds REALLY boring, but it is actually very good! I think everyone should watch this movie, it is really incredi...

Real Steel (10/07)

33 ratings23 reviews
  • debanhy
    debanhy5 popcorn
    REAL STEEL is about robots that fight.The guy that buy's them loses often.His son go's with him and finds a robot.He dances with the boy.That robot wins alot.The boy chalenges Zues the undefited robot.The robot can't hear so the guy leaded him since he was a boxer.He lost by 1 point so everyone c...

Stick It (04/28)

5 ratings2 reviews
  • cattycat
    cattycat5 popcorn
    I love this movie!!!! It's so funny. You will laugh out loud when you watch it. It is the funniest movie on the planet!!!!!

Step Up 2 the Streets (02/14)

19 ratings8 reviews
  • ilumva
    ilumva5 popcorn
    oh i love step up, i have watched all the step ups, step up 1, step up 2 the streets, step up 3D and of course step up revolution!

Step Up Revolution (07/27)

58 ratings45 reviews
  • Park
    Wow, this movie is really awesome! I love all series of Step up cause I like dancing and like watching dancing videos. When I watched this movie, I was blindly imitating actors and actress with my friends. I want to see this movie again and I will wait next series of Step up.

Snow White and the Huntsman (06/01)

35 ratings29 reviews
  • spinnypeeps
    spinnypeeps4 popcorn
    AWESOME movie, no doubt about that, watched it on the plane about 3 weeks ago. But just one teeny weeny problem about it... it's FREAKY! I can still remember the life disappearing from the young girl's eyes as the Evil Queen , um... ate her youth(?). Also, the storyline is sort of foggy because.....

The Hunger Games (03/23)

729 ratings923 reviews
  • claireissocool
    As a massive fan of the books, it's hard for me to say but the movie was extremely disappointing to the max. Even though not many stuff were changed from the book, I still didn't like the way everything seemed portrayed. It wasn't faithful to the book in terms of aura, excitement, pandemonium, an...

Pretty in Pink (02/28)

3 ratings2 reviews
  • zuzu333
    zuzu3334 popcorn
    This movie is a really good movie that i have seen like 5 times it was really fun. It is funny and really a great movie i recommend it to anyone that loves comedy!

Mask (03/08)

0 ratings1 review
  • mintshine
    I really want to see this movie because my dad says it is like a book that I read called Wonder and I really liked that book!

The Grace Card (02/25)

1 rating1 review
  • 5rwitman
    5rwitman4 popcorn
    i just watched this movie and i thought it was really good there are some said parts in it but ends gave the message of grace, forgiveness ,and real life family problems but everything turns out fine in the end and i would recommend this movie.

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