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World War Z (06/21)

14 ratings21 reviews
  • gymnasticsluv23
    It was a good movie but it was just really creepy and scary to me because I HATE zombies. D: It was a action and horror filled movie, and so I would recommend this for 9 and up for the age. This movie has a lot of scary parts that just pop out, but it was still a good movie. REALLY REALLY scary a...

The Fault In Our Stars (06/06)

15 ratings46 reviews
  • ann_the_reader
    I went to go see this movie twice. Each time was as amazing as the last. I cried, laughed, cried, cried, and cried again. Yes, it's a very sad movie; at times. But there are also extremely hilarious parts as well. Most of the time, the movie does not even hold a candle to the book. The Fault In O...

Spider-Man 2 (06/30)

31 ratings14 reviews
  • borntoswim
    borntoswim3 popcorn
    Okay. I didn't like it too much. The first one was still better by a lot. I can't wait for the fourth to come out because I think Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are going to be better than Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

Spider-Man 3 (05/04)

51 ratings21 reviews
  • creeper247
    creeper2474 popcorn
    This movie was, in my opinion (and I'm sure most of you will agree) , the worst Sam Raimi directed movie in the movie franchise. I must confess, I expected more out of this movie, what with the past two movies being so awesome. Here are my reasons to say so: Three villains+romance= NO. Almost a...

Titanic (04/04)

93 ratings101 reviews
  • victoria3204
    victoria32045 popcorn
    This spectacular epic re-creates the ill-fated maiden voyage of the White Star Line's $7.5 million R.M.S Titanic and the tragic sea disaster of April 15, 1912. Running over three hours and made with the combined contributions of two major studios (20th Century-Fox, Paramount) at a cost of more th...

The Giver (08/15)

3 ratings4 reviews
  • ET
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. At first I was reluctant to see it because the trailer didn't look that good but after seeing it I liked it. Unlike most dystopian movies for instance, Divergent or the Hunger Games this one doesn't have much action. The start is a lot like Divergent but actually it i...

Step Up Revolution (07/27)

59 ratings46 reviews
  • Park
    Wow, this movie is really awesome! I love all series of Step up cause I like dancing and like watching dancing videos. When I watched this movie, I was blindly imitating actors and actress with my friends. I want to see this movie again and I will wait next series of Step up.

The Karate Kid (06/11)

58 ratings28 reviews
  • mai
    mai5 popcorn
    A kid from Dakota is moving to China and he doesn't know any Chinese. He finds a girl that he likes but some meanie beats him up for liking her. Then an old man teaches him karate and he beats the meanie in a competion and wins the heart of the girl he likes.

Cloud 9

5 ratings6 reviews
  • lez
    lez5 popcorn
    I loved the movie cloud 9 because it leaves a message that say you can success anything in life only if you tries

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (07/11)

2 ratings5 reviews
  • elsa123
    I love this movie it is a great sequel to rise of the planet of the apes and it is all about ceaser, the main ape, but I wish his "dad" is still in the movie

Twilight (11/21)

92 ratings60 reviews
  • anar99
    The movie is about a girl named Bella that get's in love with a boy named Edward. It starts by Bella saying bye to her mother because she's gonna go live with her dad. When she is with her dad she feels kind of weird because he's not a women like her mom. She gets a new truck well for her is new ...

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (11/20)

98 ratings57 reviews
  • puppy_dogs
    puppy_dogs5 popcorn
    The Twilight movies, I loved. I say the because there were more than one movie. This is my second favorite movie because the first one is Avatar. I love these movies, They are my favorite but, on T.V. have you heard the music from the show Teen Nick Top 10 with many songs I know it doesn't includ...

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (06/30)

91 ratings63 reviews
  • Haley
    I just wanna start by saying I love this series and this movie! I can't wait to see B D part 2! But in this movie I feel bad for Bella because she is in a matter of life, love, and death.It must be hard for her. I also love how the vampires and werwolfs make friends and work together to save Bel...

Fiddler on the Roof (11/03)

2 ratings3 reviews
  • artjunkie
    artjunkie5 popcorn
    i'm jewish, and I loved this movie. Very moving, and the music is great!

Bend It Like Beckham (08/01)

3 ratings4 reviews
  • written_dance
    written_dance4 popcorn
    It's about a girl trying to break free of her family, but not always being succesful. It's PG13 and isn't very appropriate for everyone, but I still like it! She is inspired to play soccer (football) by the famous player David Beckham

Teen Witch (09/02)

0 ratings1 review

Mirror Mirror (03/30)

87 ratings91 reviews
  • lfullerton
    lfullerton5 popcorn
    this used to be my favorite movie(until i saw lemonade mouth and pith perfect). i've seen it 3 times now! it's a re-right of the story of princess snow white and it's way better than it seems. filled with humorous julia roberts amongst others, this is a must-see! about snow white, who has a cruel...

Noah (03/28)

9 ratings22 reviews
  • christain
    this movie is totaly different from the bible. they say God told Noah to leave the earth unpopulated.really God wanted Noah to build a ark beacuse there the only family that kept there trust in God. God wanted to keep the earth sin free. Noah ( in the movie ) tried to kill his granddaughters beac...

Heaven Is for Real (04/16)

23 ratings39 reviews
  • beezus03
    beezus033 popcorn
    This movie is ok. I would recommend it if you are really interested in religious things, like God. I liked it, but it wasn't the best movie ever. However, I think the book was awesome, and had a lot more details that made me like the book a little more than the movie. Check out my Book Shelf to ...

Osmosis Jones (08/10)

2 ratings1 review
  • ank2000
    ank20005 popcorn
    I decided to watch it because it about the Human Body. It's a very cool movie to watch because it about the Human Body. You learn about your body. My favorite character is Osmosis Jones and my favorite bad guy is Thrax. I love all the songs in the movie.

Dreamgirls (12/25)

1 rating2 reviews
  • sha'kira
    I love this movie I love all the people that play in it

Jack (08/09)

1 rating1 review
  • wow777
    wow7773 popcorn
    Jack is a good movie. It is funny but contains some bad launguege. I recommend it from ages 10-and over because of that. I watched this recently on Netflix and my family and I enjoyed it

A Cinderella Story (07/16)

22 ratings20 reviews
  • spinnypeeps
    spinnypeeps5 popcorn
    Watched it! Cinderella is so Cinderella except her fairy godmother is her BBFF(Boy-Best-Friend-Forevs) and a generous and kind manager at a shop that she works at.Her stepmother is sweet at first but turns out she is very self- centered and tells CINDERELLA to be less selfish even though she wo...

Race the Sun (03/22)

1 rating1 review
  • Sanka
    A good movie about teamwork and good sportsmanship.

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