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Divergent (03/21)

123 ratings251 reviews
  • ifeelbookish
    ifeelbookish5 popcorn
    *SPOILERS* (I didn't know whether to review the book or the movie, so I just reviewed both.) So let's start with the characters. Well, Uriah was going to be introduced in Insurgent, and Al killed himself five minutes after he was introduced. Ugh. Edward wasn't in the movie, and of course, there w...

Cloud 9

7 ratings11 reviews
  • zuzu333
    zuzu3333 popcorn
    I thought this movie was good but the actors needed a little more work. I thought that the tricks that they were doing were pretty cool and inspire me to snowboard better. I also think that the dogs were good and really cute! But overall it wasn't a horrid movie but not my favorite.

Country Strong (01/07)

1 rating1 review
  • angeloffaith
    angeloffaith3 popcorn
    Interesting Movie. I Like Country music but the story behind the country music themed movie is what is all about. You don't need to like the type of music to love this movie

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (10/24)

54 ratings27 reviews
  • mahadeo
    i love all of high school musical 1,2, and, is such a great movie. i would love to watch them again. i also want to meat troy bolton. he is so cute in the movie. i also want to meet Gabriella Montez.she is so good at singing. i hate sharpay cause she is always mean to gabrilla. Troy and Gabr...

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (11/15)

150 ratings263 reviews
  • vane143
    the movie was nice . it was worth paying five dollars.amaziing movie and perfect ending for the twilight saga.there was alot of action.i think this movie is good and people should see the other four movies.i think it was nice that jacob got over bella. i like the part were they got mad at jacob f...

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (11/18)

89 ratings80 reviews
  • Tori
    I think that That Twilight is awesome why I like it because Bella gets married and she house a house next to the lake! Then Edward fines out that Bella is going to have a baby buts its actually a demon inside of her. So they go to the airport because Edward wants her to go back to her house where...

Killers (06/04)

9 ratings6 reviews
  • mad4tennis
    mad4tennis5 popcorn
    This movie was hilarious. The title makes it sound like a really gory movie but it is so not. It is about a spy who tries to hid his past when he gets married.

Step Up Revolution (07/27)

59 ratings49 reviews
  • Park
    Wow, this movie is really awesome! I love all series of Step up cause I like dancing and like watching dancing videos. When I watched this movie, I was blindly imitating actors and actress with my friends. I want to see this movie again and I will wait next series of Step up.

Love and Basketball (01/26)

4 ratings6 reviews
  • rutiealonso
    i love this movie it touch my heart to be a basketball player

Twilight (11/21)

95 ratings67 reviews
  • anar99
    The movie is about a girl named Bella that get's in love with a boy named Edward. It starts by Bella saying bye to her mother because she's gonna go live with her dad. When she is with her dad she feels kind of weird because he's not a women like her mom. She gets a new truck well for her is new ...

Holes (04/18)

59 ratings55 reviews
  • honey1e1
    honey1e15 popcorn
    I have read and seen the movie at school it awesome!!!:) the movie is about a boy named stanley and the police men accuse him for stealing a pair of shoes from the homeless shelter when he didn't steal anything (shoes were from a famous baseball player) so they gave him a choice to go to jai...

It Takes Two (11/17)

1 rating2 reviews
  • booklover05
    booklover054 popcorn
    It takes two is about 2 girls(Amanda and Alyssa). Amanda is an orphan and Alyssa is the daughter of a rich man. Alyssa's mother died so her dad is marrying a selfish woman, Claurice. Watch the movie as Amanda and Alyssa change the love and become sisters.

The Princess Bride (09/25)

35 ratings24 reviews
  • maddyrocks13
    maddyrocks135 popcorn
    this is one of my all time favorite movies! its got everything a good movie should! Romance, comedy,revenge,danger,and creepyness! This movie could get away with a PG-13 rating though, its got a drunk scene, and enough blood to give a little kid nightmares! Grab you popcorn and get watching! :)

Pocahontas (06/16)

9 ratings11 reviews
  • neoncat
    neoncat3 popcorn
    Meh, I like her singing, and the history. (But they messed up on the LOCATION! Ugh...) I hate the ending thought. *SPOILER ALERT* Pocahontas leaves John Smith, and doesn't accompany him! Ugh. The second movie was THE WORST though.

Sailor Moon R the Movie: Promise of the Rose (02/08)

4 ratings4 reviews
  • freakazoid
    I got bored, so shu! Dont judge me! Also, Serena=Sailor Moon, so Melvin=Freakazoid! Lolz! FREAK OUT! oh god, i find myself listening to the lavender town pokemon theme O.o

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (09/21)

26 ratings37 reviews
  • maddyrocks13
    maddyrocks135 popcorn
    This movie is amazing. Just amazing. Based off the book, Perks of Being a Wallflower follows Charlie (Logan Lerman) in his freshman year of high school. Charlie doesn't have any friends, except his English teacher, until he meets seniors Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller) at a football ...

Safe Haven (02/14)

3 ratings5 reviews
  • oh_ur_ashlynn
    oh_ur_ashlynn5 popcorn
    It is such a good movie! I would reccomend it mostly to girls and people who love romantic movies. It is aabout a girl who runs away from an abusive husband and finds a man named josh who falls in love with her. Anyway, not gonna tell the rest. You just have to watch it! PS~ it is rated PG-13

The Little Mermaid 3D (01/01)

14 ratings7 reviews
  • written_dance
    written_dance3 popcorn
    I know all of the songs to this! It is goiod if you like princess movies, but the songs are really what I look forward to. It's about a mermaid who wants to be a human and trades away her beautiful voice to meet her Prince Eric.

The Sound of Music (03/02)

29 ratings42 reviews
  • this_is_me
    this_is_me5 popcorn
    This is a great movie! It is a pretty sophisticated, so if you are 6 years old or younger, I would suggest not watching this. This movie is VERY long, but it is amazing! It looks and sounds REALLY boring, but it is actually very good! I think everyone should watch this movie, it is really incredi...

Titanic (11/17)

19 ratings15 reviews
  • zoella
    zoella5 popcorn
    I saw this movie 3 years back and I have to say am I the only one who thinks Jack should not have died that was a long piece of drift wood!

Leap Year (01/08)

3 ratings2 reviews
  • baye
    baye5 popcorn
    Awesome movie!(chick-flick) recommended to all chick-flick lovers! Its PG

Superman Returns (06/28)

5 ratings4 reviews
  • donkee
    this movie is awesome he has super powers witch are heat vision super strength and can his weakness is criptonite

Vampire Academy (02/07)

1 rating3 reviews
  • ssagitarious
    great movie, but follow the rating, its PG13 for a reason, if your not 13 don't see it

Enchanted (11/21)

34 ratings27 reviews
  • written_dance
    written_dance5 popcorn
    This is a movie about a girl named Giselle, a very princessy girl. She falls into the real world, learns how to actt, gets a bit of sense and falls in love with a man in more than 3 days! O-mazing! Her original prince charming falls in love with another girl, and it all works out!

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