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Titanic (04/04)

95 ratings114 reviews
  • victoria3204
    victoria32045 popcorn
    This spectacular epic re-creates the ill-fated maiden voyage of the White Star Line's $7.5 million R.M.S Titanic and the tragic sea disaster of April 15, 1912. Running over three hours and made with the combined contributions of two major studios (20th Century-Fox, Paramount) at a cost of more th...

Divergent (03/21)

131 ratings278 reviews
  • ifeelbookish
    ifeelbookish5 popcorn
    *SPOILERS* (I didn't know whether to review the book or the movie, so I just reviewed both.) So let's start with the characters. Well, Uriah was going to be introduced in Insurgent, and Al killed himself five minutes after he was introduced. Ugh. Edward wasn't in the movie, and of course, there w...

The Karate Kid Part II (06/20)

2 ratings4 reviews
  • kittyloveyou
    kittyloveyou5 popcorn
    as cool and i had learn that not to give up very fast and try hard so come on guys don give up

Superman Returns (06/28)

6 ratings5 reviews
  • donkee
    this movie is awesome he has super powers witch are heat vision super strength and can his weakness is criptonite

Monte Carlo (07/01)

145 ratings156 reviews
  • borntoswim
    borntoswim4 popcorn
    I liked this movie. Selena Gomez was fabulous as always but I didn't know any of the other actors because she was the main one. I liked this movie becuase it sort of had some shared experinces lots of people can relate to. It's about these pair of sisters who don't like each other. One's smart an...

The Princess Bride (09/25)

36 ratings27 reviews
  • maddyrocks13
    maddyrocks135 popcorn
    this is one of my all time favorite movies! its got everything a good movie should! Romance, comedy,revenge,danger,and creepyness! This movie could get away with a PG-13 rating though, its got a drunk scene, and enough blood to give a little kid nightmares! Grab you popcorn and get watching! :)

Miss Congeniality (12/22)

2 ratings1 review
    Horrrible movie dont watch it!!!

Never Been Kissed (04/09)

0 ratings2 reviews
  • mockingjay7
    the best never been kissed movie i ever watch

Hitch (02/11)

2 ratings2 reviews
  • cool-aid
    cool-aid4 popcorn
    funny comedy and will smith is in it WILL SMITH IS IN IT IN IT!!!

A Walk to Remember (01/25)

4 ratings4 reviews
  • sharbear34
    This movie shows you what true love is! Sacrifice and dedication even in the face of adversity and sorrow. This actor creates an amazing man and what ever woman dreams of when they grow up!

Pretty in Pink (02/28)

3 ratings4 reviews
  • zuzu333
    zuzu3334 popcorn
    This movie is a really good movie that i have seen like 5 times it was really fun. It is funny and really a great movie i recommend it to anyone that loves comedy!

Dirty Dancing (08/21)

1 rating5 reviews
  • sharbear34
    I love this movie! First modern dance movie and still rocks 25 years later!

The Notebook (06/25)

10 ratings13 reviews
  • maria11
    i loved this movie.(read comment on this book on my shelf the notebook thanks for reading and enjoy;op lol omg.this book is so sad but i know that harry styles from one direction loves this book too

Tuck Everlasting (10/22)

10 ratings17 reviews
  • blossoms
    this movie is about how this girl wonders into the woods and find this really cute his name is jesse and his brothers name is miles his mum is mae his paw is tuck whatch the movie and find out the rest p.s. the girls name is winniefred winnie is the way she likes it though so call her winnie.

Twilight (11/21)

98 ratings73 reviews
  • anar99
    The movie is about a girl named Bella that get's in love with a boy named Edward. It starts by Bella saying bye to her mother because she's gonna go live with her dad. When she is with her dad she feels kind of weird because he's not a women like her mom. She gets a new truck well for her is new ...

Step Up Revolution (07/27)

59 ratings50 reviews
  • Park
    Wow, this movie is really awesome! I love all series of Step up cause I like dancing and like watching dancing videos. When I watched this movie, I was blindly imitating actors and actress with my friends. I want to see this movie again and I will wait next series of Step up.

Sleeping Beauty (01/29)

11 ratings8 reviews
  • athleticamazin
    Out of all the Disney princesses Aurora or Briar Rose or Sleeping Beauty (whatever name floats your boat) is by far my favorite princess! So of course I loved this movie!

How To Marry A Millionaire (01/01)

1 rating2 reviews
  • jay660
    jay6605 popcorn
    This movie is very important to me. Also my favorite actress Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall is in it. I think you should watch it.

Holes (04/18)

59 ratings55 reviews
  • honey1e1
    honey1e15 popcorn
    I have read and seen the movie at school it awesome!!!:) the movie is about a boy named stanley and the police men accuse him for stealing a pair of shoes from the homeless shelter when he didn't steal anything (shoes were from a famous baseball player) so they gave him a choice to go to jai...

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (10/24)

54 ratings30 reviews
  • mahadeo
    i love all of high school musical 1,2, and, is such a great movie. i would love to watch them again. i also want to meat troy bolton. he is so cute in the movie. i also want to meet Gabriella Montez.she is so good at singing. i hate sharpay cause she is always mean to gabrilla. Troy and Gabr...

Cloud 9

7 ratings15 reviews
  • zuzu333
    zuzu3333 popcorn
    I thought this movie was good but the actors needed a little more work. I thought that the tricks that they were doing were pretty cool and inspire me to snowboard better. I also think that the dogs were good and really cute! But overall it wasn't a horrid movie but not my favorite.

Fiddler on the Roof (11/03)

2 ratings2 reviews
  • artjunkie
    artjunkie5 popcorn
    i'm jewish, and I loved this movie. Very moving, and the music is great!

Jack the Giant Slayer (03/01)

20 ratings15 reviews
  • richdude134
    richdude1344 popcorn
    This is a good movie because it's sort of like "Percy Jackson - Lightning Thief". It's about a boy named Jack who will soon find out that a princess needs his help to find an adventure. Little does he know, that a beanstalk will lead him to that adventure. He finds out there is such great life...

While You Were Sleeping (04/21)

1 rating0 reviews

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