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Step Up (08/11)

17 ratings13 reviews
  • ice123
    WOW!this is quite interesting.what sort of people will watch this. its very good and i think lots of people will watch this. i like the bit the guy does dancing with the litte kids. i wonder how he got so good at dancing?

The Diary of Anne Frank (01/01)

2 ratings4 reviews
  • romina
    i love this movie soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i just kept watching it allover and over again

Save the Last Dance (01/12)

1 rating3 reviews
  • purplebeauty
    purplebeauty44 popcorn
    this is the best romance movie i have seen

Titanic (12/19)

122 ratings200 reviews
  • victoria3204
    victoria320455 popcorn
    This spectacular epic re-creates the ill-fated maiden voyage of the White Star Line's $7.5 million R.M.S Titanic and the tragic sea disaster of April 15, 1912. Running over three hours and made with the combined contributions of two major studios (20th Century-Fox, Paramount) at a cost of more th...

Pitch Perfect (09/28)

313 ratings519 reviews
  • Tori
    Pitch Perfect Pitch Perfect, When I first seen the movie I really like it the movie expired me. Pitch Perfect is one of those movies you need to laugh about or get a laugh out there. This is some information about the movie Pitch Perfect. Two girls are looking for singers to join there group....

Monte Carlo (07/01)

148 ratings167 reviews
  • borntoswim
    borntoswim44 popcorn
    I liked this movie. Selena Gomez was fabulous as always but I didn't know any of the other actors because she was the main one. I liked this movie becuase it sort of had some shared experinces lots of people can relate to. It's about these pair of sisters who don't like each other. One's smart an...

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (11/18)

100 ratings105 reviews
  • Tori
    I think that That Twilight is awesome why I like it because Bella gets married and she house a house next to the lake! Then Edward fines out that Bella is going to have a baby buts its actually a demon inside of her. So they go to the airport because Edward wants her to go back to her house where...

Easy A (09/17)

11 ratings8 reviews
  • beginagain
    This movie was so funny! The ads are a little deceiving because the movie is not at all appropriate for kids. Emma Stone did an amazing job and Penn (Gossip Girl) was really funny as the school mascot

My Girl 2 (06/01)

2 ratings2 reviews
  • lexyheart
    lexyheart22 popcorn
    This one was OK. I think they could've made it better. Kids of any age can watch this one, but I don't reccommend it. I was kind of bored with it.

Honey 2

7 ratings7 reviews
  • twilight200
    twilight20055 popcorn
    I Love This Movie So Much I Think I Want To Be A Dancer!

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