Elemental (2023)

In a city where fire, water, land and air residents live together, a fiery young woman and a go-with-the-flow guy will discover something elemental: how much they have in common.

Release Date: June 10, 2023

11 Movie Reviews
  • dogo23irene
    dogo23irene10 days44 popcorn
    I think this movie is interesting with a city full of elements:fire,water,air and earth. The movie is kind of romantic too!
    • ilovecollies_64
      ilovecollies_648 months33 popcorn
      This movie was okay. It was kind of cheesy, and had some inapropreit adult jokes snuck into it.
      • moonwatcher6
        moonwatcher69 months44 popcornFeatured
        Elemental is a movie about these people made out of four elements: water, fire, earth/rock and air (the air looks like clouds which doesn't make any sense because clouds are made out of water). The main character is a fire person named Ember whose parents are the first fire people in Element City. They create a shop called the Fire Shop and expect that, when she is ready, Ember will take over the Fire Shop. But Ember has other plans for her future when she meets a water guy. Even though they fall in love, how can water and fire ever be together?
        • kenna626
          kenna6269 months55 popcorn
          I saw this movie on my birthday. This movie is awesome, and I recommend this mo vie if you're a fan of disney movies.
          • slytherin4life
            slytherin4life9 months22 popcorn
            I feel like this movie is a bit too romantic for me. If you are a romantic, PERFECT! You have found a movie you will like but if you are not a romantic (that is me) do not watch it. Elemental was ok but... not for me. Reviewed by slytherin4life
            • melo-mint
              melo-mint10 months44 popcorn
              I really like how the story is based on immigrants and how they felt when they came to a foreign land. It also shows you that you always don't have to follow someone else dream but to chase your own.
              • love-art
                love-art10 months55 popcorn
                Oh this is DEFINITE recommendation for people of any age... The animations are so colorful and nice and I really love the story! It's kindaaa slow but the romance is clean and the movie is lovely.I watched this movie in the theater with my friend and we loved it so make sure to watch it! 💗
                • pudgyjeon
                  pudgyjeon11 months55 popcornFeatured
                  This movie is so much more than a basic forbidden love story. It beautifully weaves in the hardships that immigrants can face when first coming to a land. At first there was just Air, Water, and Earth. Ember's parents are the first Fire people to live in Element City, and that comes with great responsibility and unwelcoming gawks. Slowly but surely, the population of Fire people grows until they have a steadfast community. Ember's dad is growing weaker by the day, and their convenience store needs a new caretaker, and Ember seems like the perfect fit. Her passion! Her spirit! ...Her temper? She has a hard time controlling it, until it explodes and Wade Ripple pops up in her life. Together they overcome obstacles and discover their true purposes. Elemental is sort of basic with its story line, but in my opinion, one big, unexpected, and refreshing twist lets you skate over that fact. I'd say that a theme this movie conveys is definitely sort of coming-of-age. It's great for people of all ages, from little kids to all adults! Five stars, easy.
                  • restarted
                    restartedabout 1 year55 popcorn
                    i want to watch it so bad!
                    • amanda-anwooly2
                      amanda-anwooly2about 1 year55 popcorn
                      wow i watched this and if you dont want spoilers dont keep reading. so my favorite part has got to be when the fire and water meet. any way bye