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Hidden Figures (2016)

11 ratings53 reviews
  • borntoswim
    borntoswim55 popcorn
    One of my favorite movies of 2017 so far! I saw had seen countless advertisements and commercials prior to this movie, and was eager to watch it after seeing the strong female cast - and I'm so glad I did. The story centers around three women living in a time when African-Americans and whites wer...

A Dog's Purpose (1/27)

11 ratings89 reviews
  • loverboy17
    loverboy1755 popcorn
    my mom showed this to me almost a month ago, and I really wanted to see it.When it showed him in his first life,he was a golden retriever mutt, which my family and I can relate to because we have one,and her name is Mallory.she is so cute, and we got her while we lived in North Carolina.I was 6 ...

The Red Turtle (1/20)

2 ratings4 reviews
  • smalls
    i love turtules no matter what kind

The Hunger Games (2012)

858 ratings1110 reviews
  • claireissocool
    claireissocool11 popcorn
    As a massive fan of the books, it's hard for me to say but the movie was extremely disappointing to the max. Even though not many stuff were changed from the book, I still didn't like the way everything seemed portrayed. It wasn't faithful to the book in terms of aura, excitement, pandemonium, an...

Swiss Family Robinson (1960)

2 ratings5 reviews
  • 10dylan
    10dylan55 popcorn
    The movie is a cherishable act of happyness. The family is full of hope. I sugest this movie. Happy watching

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

4 ratings22 reviews
  • elsa123
    I love this movie it is a great sequel to rise of the planet of the apes and it is all about ceaser, the main ape, but I wish his "dad" is still in the movie

The Sound of Music (1965)

42 ratings61 reviews
  • this_is_me
    this_is_me55 popcorn
    This is a great movie! It is a pretty sophisticated, so if you are 6 years old or younger, I would suggest not watching this. This movie is VERY long, but it is amazing! It looks and sounds REALLY boring, but it is actually very good! I think everyone should watch this movie, it is really incredi...

La La Land (2016)

9 ratings23 reviews
  • partyrocker
    partyrocker55 popcorn
    Favorite movie of the year! I loved the musical aspect of it, and the actors were amazing. For those not too keen on musicals, the plot was strong in this film and wasn't completely focused on the music which I liked.

Pokémon: Mewtwo - Prologue to Awakening (2013)

12 ratings7 reviews
  • grayson
    I love pokemon so much I play the game about 100 times I have 15 ex 5 mega and more then 1000 normal plus mewtwo is one of the best one ok. and I going to prove. next I watch ever moive. well that it pokemon is the best bi

Holes (2003)

93 ratings118 reviews
  • dictionary
    dictionary55 popcorn
    Alright, well Stanley Yelnats is just walking back home when a pair of shoes fall on his head! The police comes and asks him his name and sets a case about it. Then Stanley has a choice. He can go to Camp Green Lake, or get arrested. Now, doesn't Camp Green Lake sound MUCH better? Yasssss it does...

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U-nice wrote:

This movie was kind of boring, b...

gabby wrote:

the movie was really good! 5 stars!
Hidden Figures

nevaeh wrote:

this movie is bomb

smalls wrote:

i love turtules no matter what kind
The Red Turtle