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The Boss Baby (3/31)

72 ratings435 reviews
  • Spencer,7th gr
    **WARNING, SPOILERS** ------------------------------------- Honestly, I would rate this movie a 6/10. Why do i rate it low? Well let me tell you the pros and cons of my OPINION ---------------------------------------------- PROS: - Great animation and art styles used. - Some funny momments. - Hoo...

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

1 rating3 reviews
  • Marth Lowell
    I saw this when it first came out in theatres and it was amazing. The graphics are so much better and the plot is much better than Resurrection of F.

Leap! (2016)

3 ratings11 reviews
  • skye1121
    skye112155 popcorn
    This Movie gave me the courage to continue to follow my dreams, to become a dancer. The blonde kid when was a little over dramatic how do you get in love with that, Camile was a kind girl when she saw that Felecie can dance! I highly recomend this book!

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (6/2)

18 ratings58 reviews
  • jojo_potter
    jojo_potter55 popcorn
    "Tra La La!"-Captain Underpants. There's a new superhero in town and his name is...Captain Underpants! When two mischievous pranksters named George and Harold hypnotize their mean principal and turn him into a elastic-waisted superhero from their comic books, they have no idea what their getting ...

Trolls (2016)

31 ratings171 reviews
  • mysterystar
    mysterystar44 popcorn
    "I don't trust him. Who wears socks with no shoes?" (Branch) Trolls was, quite honestly, a really fun and cute movie. The plot: The peppy lead teams up with the grumpy lead to save everyone and fall in love along the way. The plot was, unfortunately, nothing special. There was nothing that made i...

Barbie and the Secret Door (2014)

14 ratings42 reviews
  • humm...
    When I saw the trailer, I noticed that the plot is a bit like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Season 4-Twilight's Kingdom part 1 and part 2; About the "antagonist wants all the power" thing, and there's lots of Barbie princess hero hero sparkly yay kind of stuff and such.

Minions (2015)

239 ratings816 reviews
  • KatietheKuteKat
    OMG this movie is like SO FUNNY LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Anyway I like little ol' bob best! He's so kute!! I like the part where he volunteered to go on the journey and he tried to show that he's worth going on the trip by TRYING to LIFT the HEAVY block of ICE. LOL, and LOL. Two types of LOLs. I...

The Nut Job (2014)

294 ratings299 reviews
  • redheadperson22
    redheadperson2244 popcorn
    Warning! This review contains spoilers! What I thought of it: This movie was completely underrated. It got mostly negative reviews ( maybe not on this website, but everywhere else). I don't get why. It's excellent. Surly, was a great main character. He was a loner, and kind of a jerk. Most of the...

The Emoji Movie (7/28)

26 ratings103 reviews
  • candylove
    candylove22 popcorn
    I went to this movie with my friends just so that we could make fun of it afterward. I have to say though, it surpassed my extremely low expectations! It had a few "aww" moments in there, but overall I would not recommend watching this movie. It's funny how bad it is, but it isn't the worst mo...

Frozen (2013)

1 rating5 reviews
  • bluemoonlight
    Its a great movie! talks about how they solved problems and helped eachother.

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