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The Lion King (2011)

101 ratings90 reviews
  • felicisowl
    felicisowl55 popcorn
    This is, handsdown, probably the greatest Disney movie ever made, only slightly edged out by Beauty and the Beast, possibly. As I watched this movie, tears rolled down my cheeks. As I watched this movie, it made me laugh with joy and humor. As I watched this movie, it made my heart bounce, jump, ...

Cars 3 (6/16)

8 ratings38 reviews
  • cool_cat318
    "Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer - Doc Hudson. Cars 3 is a twisted and bumpy movie with a lot of cars. Its good if you're a car fan but if you're not I suggest going to another movie. Its about a car named Lighting McQueen who has won most races in his past but now is getting beaten by...

Anne of Green Gables (1985)

5 ratings5 reviews
  • mach
    mach55 popcorn
    This movie is about a red headed orphan who is adopted by to old people. The orphange was supposed to bring a boy. She was an mistake. She gets into mischief all the time. This is a awesome movie and I love it. It is a heart warming book and movie.

The Little Mermaid 3D (1989)

33 ratings39 reviews
  • zombie_hel
    zombie_hel55 popcorn
    That is one way to interpret it but you must remember that this movie is about a fantasy life and to me growing up yes I did want to be a mermaid but the meaning of the story is to go for what you dreamed for. For what your heart truly wants. Ariel's father did try to keep her away from him but ...

The Aristocats (1970)

11 ratings12 reviews
  • jojo_potter
    jojo_potter55 popcorn
    "Ladies don't start fights...but they can finish them!"-Marie. An amazing 1970 classic that leaves me amazed every time I watch it. The Aristocats is a fun, family movie and it's not hard to see why. When a retired opera singer leaves her inheritance to her cat, Duchess and three kittens, the wom...

More Than Puppy Love (1999)

0 ratings1 review
  • brayden
    good have to watch

Descendants 2 (7/21)

31 ratings106 reviews
  • wildchild101
    wildchild10155 popcorn
    "Don't you ever miss screaming at people and making them run away"- Mal. Mal is stressed with all these Princessy stuff. For goodness sake shes a villan. But can villains be good? OF COURSE!!!!!!!! Thats why there a Descendants 1 of course. Mal and Ben had a fight. Ben found out that Mal was usi...

Finding Nemo (2003)

168 ratings132 reviews
  • emarie
    emarie55 popcorn
    Okay, when I was clicking those buttons up there and I was thinking, "Who hasn't seen Finding Nemo?" I've known a few people who haven't been able to experience the amazing movie but I changed that as fast as they told me. I also was thinking, "Who hasn't seen a Disney movie?" I don't know anybod...

I love Lucy

5 ratings3 reviews
  • animal lover
    i watch this all the time me favorite i want it every day

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I love this movie!!
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The Emoji Movie