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Toy Story (1995)

60 ratings30 reviews
  • demonheart
    demonheart44 popcorn
    "That's not flying!" Woody protested " That's just falling in stlye!" This movie makes you think one question. What if your toys were alive? That's one of the many reasons that this movie made history. You may think that there could have been more but I think not. I don't think that it could have...

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

50 ratings52 reviews
  • turtlenicole
    turtlenicole55 popcorn
    Two Japanese sisters, Mai and Saski find a forest spirit named Totoro as they move into a new house. Their mother is at the hospital getting better each day. One day their mom gets sick and Mai runs off to reach the hospital but gets lost. Saski finds her and brings her home. Its a great film fil...

Black Beauty (1994)

8 ratings10 reviews
  • oceanna11
    oceanna1155 popcorn
    This movie Black Beauty was at first nice, cute, romantic how black Beauty found love was so cute. But later on atthe end black beautys girl friend dies and he goes to a different home and dies at the end.

Inside Lego (2014)

5 ratings10 reviews
  • hpfan
    hpfan55 popcorn
    Great movie for anybody who likes documentaries! A bit boring though. Movie Media shouldn't count this as a movie...should change it. Meaning:A MOVIE is something that has a SCRIPT. Good and useful for anybody who wants to know how legos are made!

Pandas (4/6)

2 ratings4 reviews

I Can Only Imagine

1 rating2 reviews
  • twinkleheart66
    twinkleheart6655 popcorn
    It so good but sad at the same time but this is definitely a family movie

Space Chimps (2008)

3 ratings3 reviews
  • garzookaawesome
    garzookaawesome55 popcorn
    Sugar spice and everything nice these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little monkeys but prof. Huston accidently added a new ingredient to the concotion... chemical S! And so the space chimps were born! Using their ultra superpowers Ham,Luna and Titan have dedicated their lives ...

Dolphins (4/20)

0 ratings1 review
  • kylee
    cute aaaaawwwww !

Gnomeo and Juliet (2011)

81 ratings61 reviews
  • hamiltonfan
    This movie is really bad. The animations are absolutely disgusting and the voice actors are not up to par. The plot is the worst part of this movie-- it is way too fast. And then they have a scene at least 5 minutes long of the two of them getting ready to see each other -- Why is that a scene...

Bambi II (2006)

4 ratings6 reviews
  • CuteBunnies
    This movie is a trip to the past about a time when Bambi's dad took care of him. I thought this was better than the first one because in the original Bambi's dad was very, very shallow but in this one we see his authorative personality. Also because Bambi, Thumper, and Flower have more adventures...

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