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Beauty and the Beast (3/16)

56 ratings268 reviews
  • turtlenicole
    turtlenicole55 popcorn
    One of the best live action movies I've ever seen in my life. Emma Watson killed her role as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. The movie adaptation contained many of the original songs such as "Be Our Guest" from the original film. There were small changes in which it added more humor to the film an...

Mulan II (2003)

26 ratings11 reviews
  • mulanxshang
    mulanxshang55 popcorn
    i loved this movie so much! it was such an amazing storyline, however nothing is ever comparable to the original. as you can see by my username i love mulan and shang and the fact they ended up getting married just melted my heart

Aquamarine (2006)

41 ratings37 reviews
  • brandol
    brandol55 popcorn
    I absolutely loved this movie. It's rated PG and only swears once if you want to know. Haley is my favorite character. If you are looking for a family comedy then pick this one! :D

Twilight (2008)

116 ratings126 reviews
  • anar99
    The movie is about a girl named Bella that get's in love with a boy named Edward. It starts by Bella saying bye to her mother because she's gonna go live with her dad. When she is with her dad she feels kind of weird because he's not a women like her mom. She gets a new truck well for her is new ...

Me Before You (2016)

0 ratings2 reviews
  • callaway2005
    i just watched this movie and it was great it was sad but romantic at the same time. it is about a guy named will and he got parilized. he absolutly hated his life until a girl that wanted to help came.Her name was Lou. She wanted to help but Will didnt want her at first but after they got to kno...

The Space Between Us (2/3)

1 rating2 reviews
  • lemonade11
    lemonade1155 popcorn
    I really want to see this movie so badly! IT looks really good! All my friends saw it and said it was extremely good!

Just Go with It (2011)

10 ratings5 reviews
  • pengui123
    I love this movie and it is so great I watched it like 10 times in 1 dayr so

50 First Dates (2004)

9 ratings8 reviews
  • cavachon
    cavachon55 popcorn
    This is one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies! Sandler and Drew Barrymore make a cute on screen couple, and they're so funny together. The story is kind of silly, but the dialogue, jokes, and scenarios are really funny and enjoyable to watch. If you want to be entertained, this movie will do ...

The Princess Bride (1987)

49 ratings43 reviews
  • happypug12
    happypug1255 popcorn
    I don't usually write reviews on movies, but The Princess Bride was such an amazing treat to watch that I HAD to review it. This is such a refreshing classic (honestly, I wish that they made movies today more like the classics from the past) and it proves that movies don't need to be rated R and ...

Titanic (1997)

128 ratings218 reviews
  • victoria3204
    victoria320455 popcorn
    This spectacular epic re-creates the ill-fated maiden voyage of the White Star Line's $7.5 million R.M.S Titanic and the tragic sea disaster of April 15, 1912. Running over three hours and made with the combined contributions of two major studios (20th Century-Fox, Paramount) at a cost of more th...

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