She's the ManShe's the ManShe's the ManShe's the ManShe's the ManShe's the ManShe's the ManShe's the Man
She's the Man

She's the Man (2006)

Viola Hastings is in a real jam. Complications threaten her scheme to pose as her twin brother, Sebastian, and take his place at a new boarding school. She falls in love with her handsome roommate, Duke, who loves beautiful Olivia, who has fallen for Sebastian! As if that were not enough, Viola's twin returns from London ahead of schedule but has no idea that his sister has already replaced him on campus.

Directors: Andy Fickman

Cast: Amanda Bynes, Channing Tatum, Laura Ramsey, Vinnie Jones, and Julie Hagerty

Release Date: March 17, 2006

10 Movie Reviews
  • 3011_splash
    3011_splashover 5 years55 popcorn
    this movie is really funny.i saw it with my babysitter and she liked it too.5 popcorn
    • s896631
      s896631almost 6 years
      this movie is so funny
      • jojo swiaalmost 6 years
        so funny
        • layla:0 almost 6 years
          I love this moving it so funny I wish I can watch it on here but NO!!!!!!!
          • nzcoolkid
            nzcoolkidover 6 years55 popcorn
            DEFINITELY my favourite movie! I found it really funny, and I love the plot. This was also the first movie I saw with Channing Tatum in it! I definitely recommend it to everyone.
            • ihascupquake910
              ihascupquake910almost 9 years
              This movie is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
              • bulldog55
                bulldog55almost 9 years
                What I love this MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                • kng
                  kngalmost 10 years44 popcorn
                  Funny, but not the BEST MOVIE EVER!!! I think some people would probably like it... but i understand if you don't because some movies can be a little bit too much... but this movie was still pretty good :D
                  • summer123
                    summer123about 10 years55 popcorn
                    This movie was the best movie and funniest movie I have ever watched if you have not watched this movie what are you waiting for if you have I hope you thought it was hilarious.
                    • lovieme
                      loviemeover 10 years22 popcorn
                      this movie was not the best but it was OK i liked the part of the movie when the the girl says be a man rube some dirt in it that part me and my family were laughing are bums off it was so funny and then Duse i think that's his name but i loved that he fell in love with Fiona I THINK WHEN THEY KISSED i thot that was vary romantic if you like this movie to please tell me about it because would like to know what you thot about it. so peace