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The Lego Movie (2014)

493 ratings1020 reviews
  • sydbravesgirl17
    sydbravesgirl1744 popcorn
    I enjoyed this movie a lot. Great characters, graphics, and plot. I liked Cloud Cuckoo Land and all the Master Builders. It used several LEGO themes, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel Heroes, and Lord of the Rings. Fun message, too. However, nothing is completely perfect. Some jokes are a...

Ferdinand (2017)

13 ratings25 reviews
  • cutecat6
    cutecat655 popcorn
    I really, really, REALLY want to see this movie so bad 😆! Why can't the movie just come out BEFORE Christmas?! The movie is based on a book named "Ferdinand". It's like 8:35pm right now(if you want to know the time). But the movie has some parts based on the book like Ferdinand going to a bull ri...

The Emoji Movie (2017)

93 ratings237 reviews
  • jojo_potter
    jojo_potter44 popcorn
    "My feelings are huge. Maybe I'm meant to be more than just one emotion."-Gene. Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your phone? Well wonder no more. Textmopolis is a bustling town where all emojis live. Each emoji has one expression, except for Gene, who has multiple expressions. Determine...

Pixels (2015)

18 ratings41 reviews
  • jojo_potter
    jojo_potter55 popcorn
    "We have to take the battle to them."- Sam. When I went into the cinema to see Pixels, I didn't expect much. But when I left, I instantly downloaded the movie on my phone and watched it over and over again. Pixels is a fantastic movie about video game characters who have come to New York to attac...

The War with Grandpa (2/23)

3 ratings4 reviews
  • gusto
    gusto33 popcorn
    Forced to give up his room to his grandfather (De Niro), a scheming boy (Fegley) devises a series of outrageous pranks in an attempt to make him move out.

Ice Age (2002)

32 ratings12 reviews
  • cfelt
    cfelt55 popcorn
    This show is halarious! I'm so glad that they made 3 more movies! I have'nt seen the other ones but I hope to! Manny is like me and Sid is the nerd of the group The sabbor toth is very brave and the babby Deagio is so cute!

Twitches (2005)

1 rating3 reviews
  • violetkitten
    violetkitten55 popcorn
    loved it watched 1 year ago but i still liked it it was a very entertaining fiction movie i like things that involve witches and magic and castels and just fairytails and stuff like that it was a good movie i loved watching Disney movies before i stopped

Big Momma's House (2000)

8 ratings2 reviews
  • strawberry100
    strawberry10055 popcorn
    Guess what when I was watching Big momma it was so funny when she went to the court and she did a round with the boys that had kick the boy off the court.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure (2017)

22 ratings43 reviews
  • jihcooky
    jihcooky33 popcorn
    I"Let the holidays begin!"- ElsaI This is a movie to bring a huge laugh from the youth to the elderely. If you enjoyed the first movie in the series Frozen than you are sure to enjoy this one! Olaf's Frozen Adventure is about two sisters ( Elsa and Ana) who struggle to find tradition when everybo...

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (2012)

203 ratings248 reviews
  • dylan4011
    dylan401155 popcorn
    in the movie Diary of a wimpy kid Dog days greg goes of his summer vacation for 7th grade. in that time he plans on hanging out with molly and tries to get are phone number untill patty pulles molly away and greg gets only half a phone number. at gregs house he starts dialing other phone numbers ...

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