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Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2/17)

6 ratings27 reviews
  • moll2861
    moll286155 popcorn
    This movie was awesome it was better then the first one I love Thomas Brodie sangster if you are in to romantic action movies then I recommend this movie if you watched it I hope you loved newt he is so hot and cool he is so cute I love baby newt!!!

Disney's Newsies: The Broadway Musical (2/16)

1 rating1 review

The Lego Batman Movie (2/10)

7 ratings36 reviews
  • mindees
    I'm going to see it on Sunday Febuary. 12, 2017 on my sister's birthday my friend is coming to my house for a sleep over on Saturday and Sunday she's going to see my dog and my guinea pig its going to be great P.S. I got my sister a ( Uke- el-a-lee).

Running Wild (2/10)

0 ratings3 reviews
  • pizzagirl7
    I think my sister (ajg14) would like it she likes movies like this!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

A Dog's Purpose (1/27)

11 ratings89 reviews
  • loverboy17
    loverboy1755 popcorn
    my mom showed this to me almost a month ago, and I really wanted to see it.When it showed him in his first life,he was a golden retriever mutt, which my family and I can relate to because we have one,and her name is Mallory.she is so cute, and we got her while we lived in North Carolina.I was 6 ...

The Red Turtle (1/20)

2 ratings4 reviews
  • smalls
    i love turtules no matter what kind

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (1/20)

1 rating3 reviews
  • shelbylynna
    It's looks pretty good for people who like romantic movies or family movies

Surf's Up 2: WaveMania (1/17)

1 rating8 reviews
  • Nevaeh
    Awesome!!! I want to see it!! 5 stars. Looks really cool I would want to see it. I would give it a five star rating maybe even a 10 I will I would love to see that movie sounds awesome. Sincerely , Nevaeh

Monster Trucks (1/13)

4 ratings39 reviews
  • s879552
    When I play Roblox, I ALWAYS see a trailer of this movie! This must be an amazin' movie! I bet you all love it~! And please, don't spoil it for me ;)

Bunyan and Babe (1/12)

1 rating6 reviews
  • nev1861
    thank you for saying it's so awesome. i agree that it is awesome.

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U-nice wrote:

This movie was kind of boring, b...

gabby wrote:

the movie was really good! 5 stars!
Hidden Figures

nevaeh wrote:

this movie is bomb

smalls wrote:

i love turtules no matter what kind
The Red Turtle