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Avengers: Infinity War (5/4)

40 ratings107 reviews
  • neoncat
    neoncat55 popcorn
    THIS IS IT: the successful culmination of 10 years of Marvel movies, and it's indeed worth the wait. Infinity War is a total EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER, an EPICNESS unmatched by any other movie. This is THE most INTENSE movie I've ever seen, hands down. It's incredibly JAW-DROPPING, EXCITING, and EV...

The Little Mermaid (5/3)

4 ratings5 reviews
  • catsarethebest1
    catsarethebest144 popcorn
    The movie looks very fascinating and adventress. I want to know more! This is most likely going to be a great movie.

Dolphins (4/20)

5 ratings10 reviews
  • awsomedude
    i love d=animals i like to care for them

Duck Duck Goose (4/20)

1 rating10 reviews
  • Tsm
    The first story was made out of my mind but it didn’t work because I had a lot of trouble with the music and it didn’t even start my homework and then we had homework to start and then we had to start writing and writing it was really really hard.

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero (4/13)

1 rating9 reviews
  • Dorkenstien
    OMG i read a book on Sgt. Stubby its my favorite book OMG i REALLY!!!!!!!!!! what to see it!!!!!!! i LOVE IT and i haven't already seen it!!!!!!!

The Miracle Season (4/13)

0 ratings11 reviews
  • maganee24
    The main idea of the movie miracle season is about a team of girls in volleyball that want to get to the finals and want to beat the other teams and win. The problem is that there star player gets in an accident and dies and now there having trouble about what they should do. After they make her...

Show Dogs (4/6)

4 ratings10 reviews
  • da wae
    i would like to see that movie because im full of comedy and i like dogs but thats weird that they talk dogs dont talk but i love really love dogs

Pandas (4/6)

2 ratings5 reviews
  • eagle
    It is a very good movie.

Trouble Is My Business (4/3)

2 ratings4 reviews
  • It was great
    It was a mystery adventure I could watch with my parents.

Ready Player One (3/30)

21 ratings44 reviews
  • sammckenney
    sammckenney55 popcorn
    I went to an early screening of this movie last night and it was amazing. You should absolutely go see it. (When it comes out anyway!) I have been a big fan of this book for a while and I FLIPPED when the trailer came out. I love video games and movies so this book was a jackpot. I will warn anyo...

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yaaaa best good movie!!!!
Avengers: Infinity War


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