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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

19 ratings115 reviews
  • Alien_Man1
    I did not like this movie at all. The plot (Which has a lot of silly stuff) is about Isla Nublar having a volcanic eruption and Claire wants to save the dinosaurs. First of all, why would you want to save the Dinos? We have seen in the past many innocent people die because of fools wanting to mak...

Rocky V (1990)

3 ratings1 review
  • egypt
    egypt55 popcorn
    In this movie, Rocky trains Tommy Gunn, a young fighter. Than a promoter starts to bother Rocky. Shortly after, Tommy gives in to the promoter and asks Rocky to fight him. Earlier in the movie, Rocky was having trust issues with his son, Robert. Since Rocky gave up a lot to Tommy, Robert is jealo...

The Sandlot 3: Heading Home (2007)

5 ratings6 reviews
  • william6
    I really liked it because they fight but [santa] comes and makes them a team. And he is really good to. He is having a dream the whole entire time because he gets hit in the head by a baseball. So he thinks he is a adult but he is a kid . They end up winning the championship to save the sandlot

The Hunger Games (2012)

886 ratings1147 reviews
  • claireissocool
    claireissocool11 popcorn
    As a massive fan of the books, it's hard for me to say but the movie was extremely disappointing to the max. Even though not many stuff were changed from the book, I still didn't like the way everything seemed portrayed. It wasn't faithful to the book in terms of aura, excitement, pandemonium, an...

Stan & Ollie (2018)

0 ratings2 reviews
  • Korin
    I think this movie is the best movie ever that someone could do like she's racing from other people but those are the people our means her so the big guy who ever swap is nice to her.

Geek Charming (2011)

2 ratings1 review
  • marveldudes
    marveldudes33 popcorn
    To be honest this movie is not ULTRA bad i actually liked quite surprising for me

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

61 ratings40 reviews
  • creeper247
    creeper24744 popcorn
    This movie was, in my opinion (and I'm sure most of you will agree) , the worst Sam Raimi directed movie in the movie franchise. I must confess, I expected more out of this movie, what with the past two movies being so awesome. Here are my reasons to say so: Three villains+romance= NO. Almost a...

The Outsiders (1983)

11 ratings14 reviews
  • lumos
    lumos55 popcorn
    (Warning: Slight Spoilers) It’s the 1960s. People are recovering from The Great Depression. But, did you expect that, just like these days, kids were judged highly on their money, cars, and clothes? Ponyboy (14) (main character), his brothers handsome Sodapop Curtis (16) and strong and oldest...

Mulan (1998)

46 ratings42 reviews
  • felicisowl
    "Dishonor on your whole family! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow - Dishonor on your -" Unfortunately, Mulan has a lot more than dishonor to deal with in this classic Disney movie. "The Huns are invading!" Led by Shan Yu, China's greatest enemies, the Huns, are invading China, having finally ...

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

265 ratings541 reviews
  • swirlycool
    swirlycool33 popcorn
    Hello everyone! I will tell you my movie review... Ok so this is about Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters. Lets start. AHHHH! ANNEBETH GROVER GO I WILL TAKE CARE OF THIS. Thalia fights the BIG GIGANTIS CYCLOPS! JUT HAVE TO RUN BACK TO MY FRIENDS! NOOOOO! The cyclops grabs Thalia the daughter o...