A Dog's JourneyA Dog's JourneyA Dog's JourneyA Dog's JourneyA Dog's JourneyA Dog's JourneyA Dog's JourneyA Dog's JourneyA Dog's JourneyA Dog's JourneyA Dog's Journey
A Dog's Journey

A Dog's Journey (2019)

Rated PG 109 min - Family Adventure Drama
A dog finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he meets.

Release Date: May 17, 2019

47 Movie Reviews
  • lizzz
    lizzz3 months55 popcorn
    I read the book version and it is not so different, still very touching. The book versions said that Ethan died and CJ was her new owner, along with Trent, CJ's girlfriend. Gloria, CJ's mother, hates dogs. But apparently, The dog (Let's just call him Molly since he lived his life the longest as that dog) always chooses CJ. CJ takes great care of the dog in secret but gets exposed when Molly accidentally barked once in the book. Gloria then kicks CJ out of her house and CJ goes on with her life to become a model. In the end, CJ died and soon, Molly had to give up life as well since she ended her mission to protect CJ. When the doctor injected the injection, Molly swam towards the golden shores, towards where CJ, Trent, and Ethan were(in heaven obvi) Molly then described her life as peaceful and fulfilling. And talked about the days were he was the other dogs, like Bailey, Ellie and others. I am not sure about the difference between the movie and the book but I am giving 5 star because of the book.
    • bidas
      bidasabout 3 years55 popcorn
      I just love this movie It was so emotional watching the whole movie
      • the-odd1sout
        the-odd1soutover 3 years55 popcorn
        Heartwarming. This is the best movie I have ever seen. If you have ever loved a dog, then this is the movie for you.
        • cocobean1234
          cocobean1234over 3 years55 popcorn
          I love this movie! I felt really emotional watching this 2nd time because I just got a new dog!
          • Tiniover 3 years
            I love this movie 😍
            • chargersfan976
              chargersfan976over 3 years55 popcorn
              I watched this for the first time recently, and I loved it! I had watched A Dog's Purpose, so I was interested in seeing this one also. It is a cute and also funny movie. Highly recommend.
              • Kikiabout 4 years
                It made me cry a lot
                • lovemusic234
                  lovemusic234about 4 years
                  Aww, the dog is cute, I really looking foward to watch it.
                  • Taylor girl yumabout 4 years
                    Awwwwwww cute😍
                    • Jade about 4 years
                      The cover looks really good and I think that it would be a great movie to watch can't wait to see it 😁

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