A Fairly Odd Summer
A Fairly Odd Summer

A Fairly Odd Summer (2014)

Get ready for the oddest summer yet! Timmy Turner and his fairies are going on a summer vacation to Hawaii. But, unfortunately for Timmy, something tells us this won’t be a very relaxing holiday. With all the magic in Fairy World at stake and villains like Vicky , Foop and Crocker on his tail, there’s no way he’ll be able to enjoy himself…

Release Date: August 2, 2014

10 Movie Reviews
  • FOPalmost 5 years
    The 3D animation mix does not look half bad
    • poohalmost 7 years
      ew i dont like it
      • ???almost 7 years
        I did like the movie
        • Elisa almost 7 years
          i did not like the movie
          • banana1360
            banana1360almost 7 years
            I think it would be better if it was animated.
            • emmaabout 7 years
              it was okey
              • Ciciabout 7 years
                The movie was good, but I'm kinda dissatisfied with the ending. I mean now that Timmy is a fairy it kinda kills the original plot of the story, not to mention wont his parents like notice their son is missing?
                • valerie535
                  valerie535about 7 years
                  awsome movie!
                  • Horrible crudabout 7 years
                    This movie sucks I rather spend my 60 minutes looking at paint dry
                    • valerie535
                      valerie535about 7 years
                      and this move DOES NOT SUCK! it does for you but most people like it