Adventures In Lalaloopsy Land: Search For Pillow

Adventures In Lalaloopsy Land: Search For Pillow (2012)

Rated G 75 min -
The Lalaloopsy girls and their pets learn an important lesson about cooperation when they set off in search of Pillow Featherbed, who mysteriously goes missing just as Peanut Big Top is ready to share a surprise with the rest of the group. ~ Tracie Cooper, Rovi

Directors: Robert J. Cullen

Cast: Ava DeMary, Jordana Keller, Kaylen Ponce, Kyla Warshowsky, and Madison Zamor

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  • whefoiwhefoiweh
    whefoiwhefoiwehTuesday, December 5, 2017 at 9:59 am55 popcorn
    This movie is part amazing and part spectacular ... and a little terrifying... but who cares! I love how genius this is. Like who would have thought to do all those amazing things like putting Wacy hatter in the pepper green forest with Matey Anchors. Like that was a genius in many ways.