Aladdin (2019)

A kindhearted street urchin named Aladdin embarks on a magical adventure after finding a lamp that releases a wisecracking genie while a power-hungry Grand Vizier vies for the same lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true.

Release Date: May 24, 2019

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  • foxy2633
    foxy26333 months55 popcornFeatured
    i feel like the live-action movie remakes are a little bad but after seeing this one im thinking differently. this is one of the best live-action movies I've ever seen. even though it changes some stuff from the original movie, it still follows the story plot from the movie a lot. at first, I didn't really want to see it but the trailer changed that. the setting of all the scenes is really good with lots of details in the background that no one really pays attention to which means that they really put a lot of time and effort into making this movie. if I had to watch this again, I would. I also recommend this movie.
    • adroit_avimimus
      adroit_avimimus3 months44 popcornFeatured
      'Aladdin (2019)' is the first of Disney's live-action remakes I've seen. While it isn't bad, I will admit that it does seem a little pointless. It makes a few changes to the original story, mostly surrounding the character of Jasmine, and obviously reinterprets things through its own lens, but the foundation remains the same. Its superficial switch-ups seem just that: superficial. The stuff surrounding Jasmine is a nice touch, though. The film itself starts off pretty slow. It's not terrible, but it stumbles a bit and doesn't pick itself back up until the Genie is introduced. Of course, you do have to adjust to Smith's larger-than-life interpretation of the character. You have to adjust to the CGI, too, which slips into the 'Uncanny valley' every now and then. When you've done this, however, the flick becomes rather entertaining, dipping into pseudo rom-com territory to pleasing effect. This portion of the piece is good enough that the somewhat lesser third act doesn't dampen the experience. I think this is primarily because it sees the successful completion of several previously established character arcs. Most of these are believable and rather fulfilling, though a couple seem to be somewhat artificial in the wider context of their characters. In the end, though, the movie is fairly fun. To be honest, the best thing about it is the music, which sticks in your head long after the credits have rolled. Most of the songs aren't new, though, which does further compound the fact that the whole thing is rather unnecessary (they sound pretty 'auto tune'-heavy, too). Also, some of the musical sequences are ripped straight out of the first 'Aladdin (1992)', almost shot for shot. Still, an entertaining time isn't to be balked at. I wish I could say it was better but... wait, I'm not going to waste a wish on that.
      • techfashion0315
        techfashion03153 months55 popcornFeatured
        "Do you trust me?" - Alladin. This movie was a wonderful twist to the classic Alladin story. Alladin, the kind, thief falls in love with the princess Jasmine. But he knows that she would never fall in love with him because of his statis. So, he hatches a plan with Jafar, the evil advisor to the king, Jasmine's father, to go into the Diamond in The Ruff, and grab a lamp and Jafar would pay Alladin a lot of money. But once Alladin finds the lamp, he unlocks the genie. Alladin and the genie set off on an adventure in the name of Prince Ali. Alladin hopes that this will help Jasmine fall in love with him. But he only makes things worse and soon Jasmine realizes the Alladin is not Prince Ali. But in the end, Alladin saves the day and releases the genie from the lamp and the genie marries Dalia, Jasmine's servant. And, like all Disney princess movies, Alladin and Jasmine get married and live happily ever after. I like this movie because it had catchy music and new songs, but it also kept with the classic story of Alladin. I suggest it for anyone that likes Disney, romance, and adventure.
        • penn-state-fan
          It is my mom's favorite movie so I watched it and the movie was amazing I loved it go watch it now.
          • techfashion0315
            techfashion03157 months55 popcorn
            I loved this one so much! Naomi Scott did a marvelous job! The music was amazing but "Speechless" was my favorite! #Aladdin #genie #magiccarpet " All I know is I won't go speechless! "
            • sokeefe_forever
              sokeefe_forever8 months55 popcorn
              This is my favorite movie! It was amazing! Summary: Aladdin is a thief in Aghrabah. One day the princess of Aghrabah (Jasmine) meets him, and of course he steal something from her, then Aladdin and Jasmine go on an adventure to find something that will stop the evil Sultan. They find a Genie and he grants them 3 wishes. They also find a magic carpet, of course! They end up stopping the evil Sultan in the end, and what we can learn from it is; Never give up, because if you do, you'll never reach your goal! The Genie is really funny in this movie as well! 5 stars from me! I recommend it to anyone!
              • starlite_safire
                starlite_safire10 months55 popcorn
                It's better than the old version!
                • aestheticbeige
                  aestheticbeige11 months55 popcorn
                  I have to say this is WAY better than the cartoon version! I love the casting, setting, and action all in one movie! I would totally recommend it to any age. This movie teaches you about love, honesty, and being brave! 5 pieces of popcorn for an amazing movie and lesson!
                  • Luci over 1 year
                    I LOVE THIS Movie
                    • chloele
                      chloeleover 1 year
                      I love the new songs in the movie!