Barbie: The Pearl Princess

Barbie: The Pearl Princess (2014)

Rated G 73 min - Family Animation
Barbie plays Lumina, a mermaid girl with the power to change the color of pearls. Cheerful and creative, Lumina finds herself working in a mermaid salon customizing fabulous hairstyles. And when Lumina has the chance to attend the royal ball, her friends adorn her with a gown fit for a princess. At the ball, villains try to seize power over the kingdom, and Lumina finds within herself an unexpected power that proves she is much more than a hair stylist.

Directors: Terry Klassen

Cast: Kelly Sheridan

Release Date: February 1, 2014

31 Movie Reviews
  • girlpower4ever
    girlpower4everabout 1 year44 popcorn
    All Barbie movies have their own shimmer and charm that make them irresistible to all ages, and this movie is no exception. I actually read the picture book version of Barbie: The Pearl Princess before watching the movie, and I fell in love with both. The storyline, animation, and especially the art are amazing. All I would say is that this was a little immature, but that's completely understandable, seeing as it's a children's movie. Mattel has released yet another fabulous addition to the Barbie franchise.
    • paoline155
      paoline155about 3 years55 popcorn
      Ooh is fantastic
      • bahulegupy
        bahulegupyabout 4 years
        It is very good like all the barbie movies! I like the mermaid part of the movie! Go mermaids!
        • da_gangsta_joe
          da_gangsta_joeover 4 years
          I really liked this movie but it should of had more pink and maybe some minecraft.
          • nocats
            nocatsalmost 7 years55 popcorn
            Barbie always looks good with awesome outfits plus+I love mermaids ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
            • condoleezzaabout 7 years
              It is a good movie and I like it
              • rhelgeland
                rhelgelandabout 7 years33 popcorn
                I am 9 so I am a little to old for this but when I was little I loved this movie.
                • annabeth895
                  annabeth895about 7 years
                  yeah same here
                  • peacheslarue
                    peacheslarueabout 7 years
                    Me 2 Barbie was so good when i was little.
                    • aandnb
                      aandnbabout 7 years
                      my little sister, nandab, loves Barbie but im over it now
                      • annabeth895
                        annabeth895almost 7 years
                        I agree
                        • peacheslarue
                          peacheslaruealmost 7 years
                          me too
                          • sushi321
                            sushi321over 6 years44 popcorn
                            Barbie was my favorite thing in the whole world when I was little
                • Lady GaGaabout 7 years
                  omg best movie ever
                  • abby201
                    abby201about 7 years55 popcorn
                    nu u I have a sister and she is 16 and she has a Barbie in fact 20 barbies
                    • eleele1234
                      eleele1234about 7 years11 popcorn
                      it is so long and barbies are for babies