Dragonball EvolutionDragonball Evolution
Dragonball Evolution

Dragonball Evolution (2009)

The young warrior Son Goku sets out on a quest, racing against time and the vengeful King Piccolo, to collect a set of seven magical orbs that will grant their wielder unlimited power.

Directors: James Wong

Cast: Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Jamie Chung, Emmy Rossum, and Eriko

Release Date: April 8, 2009

7 Movie Reviews
  • covanover 2 years
    i like it so much not the movie is so garbage it wasnt even dragon ball its a descrace to dragon ball why just why did they think this would be a good idea i think the should have gone with the orignal
    • angeltnt1234
      angeltnt1234about 3 years11 popcorn
      Movie was terrible. Justin did not fit the role of Goku. And the Goku of this movie wanted to impress a girl while the real one just wanted to train, and the movie has terrible acting!
      • hiover 3 years
        is this like a live action movie of dragon ball ??? i am going to watch it when i get home
        • angeltnt1234
          angeltnt1234about 3 years11 popcorn
          Don’t watch it please! The movie is torture!
        • MemeLordover 3 years
          this movie is terrible
          • CHANCEover 5 years
            I LIKE THIS
            • joe444555
              joe444555about 7 years
              human goku looks so awesome