Ghost (1990)

Even though Sam Wheat, the successful investment counsellor, still finds it difficult to express his deeper feelings for her after all these years, his young potter girlfriend, Molly Jensen, is the love of his life. However, a curious case of a systematic discrepancy will prepare the ground for a hideous urban homicide in one of Manhattan's dark alleys, trapping, seemingly forever, the unfortunate deceased's immortal soul in the realm of the mortals. With the condemned spirit unable to interact with the physical world--and as Molly's life, too, is in grave danger--Sam will have to turn to the spiritual medium, Oda Mae Brown, to warn and protect her. Can Oda and the ghost settle the unfinished business in time?

Directors: Jerry Zucker

Cast: Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn, and Rick Aviles

Release Date: July 13, 1990

2 Movie Reviews
  • katniss360
    katniss360about 12 years33 popcorn
    It looks sort of creepy.... i dont really know what to say.... i am not totally into the whaole romance thing....
    • ashash
      ashashabout 12 years55 popcorn
      This could be a good movie but that might not be true to people so WATEV! I want to watch and YAH that's all I have to say!