God's Not DeadGod's Not DeadGod's Not DeadGod's Not DeadGod's Not DeadGod's Not DeadGod's Not DeadGod's Not DeadGod's Not Dead
God's Not Dead

God's Not Dead (2014)

Rated PG 113 min - Drama
After he refuses to disavow his faith, a devout Christian student must prove the existence of God or else his college philosophy professor will fail him.

Directors: Harold Cronk

Cast: David A.R. White, Kevin Sorbo, Willie Robertson, Shane Harper, and Korie Robertson

Release Date: March 21, 2014

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  • 12200almost 8 years
    I want to go see it now
    • dcoolcruz123456
      dcoolcruz123456almost 8 years55 popcorn
      It interesting and helps believe in God
      • godismybff
        godismybffabout 8 years55 popcorn
        This is an inspirational movie that shows kids that they can change a mans mind about their religion. Although, it gets sad it is still a very good movie. I recommend this to all who do and don't believe in God.
        • wolflover1
          wolflover1over 8 years55 popcorn
          OMGosh. This movie was ... incredible to say the least. When i saw it, there were parts that really made me cry, but i still loved it. I am a Christian myself, so this movie was great to show what other Christian are going through in school(s). You a Christian? This movie is a MUST-WATCH!
          • mariastar
            mariastarover 8 years
            Gods not dead
            • gabyandhim
              gabyandhimover 8 years55 popcorn
              I haven't watched this movie but the Title sound like a good movie.I want to watch it.
              • mckid100
                mckid100over 8 years
                I love this movie! Despite popular opinion, I don't consider it one sided. They show strong and real atheist ideas and explain the flaws and contradictions.
                • Cindy loo hooover 8 years
                  Amazing movie!Totally worth seeing! #LOVED it!!!
                  • 41chadr
                    41chadrover 8 years55 popcorn
                    Easy 5 star.
                    • 00016697almost 9 years
                      This book is amazing!!!! I rate it 5 pop corns.

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