Haul Out the HollyHaul Out the HollyHaul Out the HollyHaul Out the HollyHaul Out the Holly
Haul Out the Holly

Haul Out the Holly (2022)

Emily arrives home, hoping to visit her parents, only to discover that they are leaving on a trip of their own. As she stays at their house for the holidays, their HOA is determined to get Emily to participate in the neighborhood’s many Christmas festivities.

Release Date: November 26, 2022

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  • techfashion0315
    techfashion0315about 1 year55 popcornFeatured
    Funny, light-hearted, festive. That’s just a few words to describe this movie. When Emily comes home to see her parents for the holidays, she is surprised to find out that they are traveling to Florida. Alone for the holidays in her parent’s house, Emily is forced to participate in many Christmas activities that her parent’s HOA requires. This movie was hilarious, fun, and very entertaining! It was full of Christmas cheer and family fun. Starring Lacey Chabert and Wes Brown, this movie has the absolute charm and cheer that makes Hallmark movies famous! I would suggest this movie if you like romance, Christmas, and comedies. Happy watching!

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