Inception (2010)

Cobb, a skilled thief who commits corporate espionage by infiltrating the subconscious of his targets is offered a chance to regain his old life as payment for a task considered to be impossible: "inception", the implantation of another person's idea into a target's subconscious.

Directors: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, and Ken Watanabe

Release Date: July 13, 2010

35 Movie Reviews
  • moviegod3005
    moviegod3005over 1 year11 popcorn
    impossible to understand i dont get it
    • 96
      96almost 3 years55 popcorn
      amazing movie! i love the graphics, also the movie itself is just so put together so it all fits perfectly
      • iwilldropkickuabout 3 years
        great movie i would complely recommend it
        • Jimmy about 3 years
          Its okay i dont understand why they made the plot all over the place
          • Israelaabout 3 years
            It's amazing
            • Vanessa about 3 years
              It's a good movie
              • Travisover 3 years
                It is the best movie
                • Babyover 3 years
                  • Kayraover 3 years
                    • Vihanover 3 years
                      I want to see movie