Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes UnitedIron Man & Hulk: Heroes UnitedIron Man & Hulk: Heroes UnitedIron Man & Hulk: Heroes United
Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United

Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United (2013)

The Invincible Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk must join forces to save the Earth from its greatest threat yet! When two Hydra scientists try to supercharge a Stark Arc Reactor with Hulk's Gamma Energy, they unleash a being of pure electricity called Zzzax - and he's hungry for destruction. Together, Iron Man and Hulk are the only force that stands in the way of the Zzzax's planetary blackout. But first, the super heroic duo will have to get through snarling Wendigos, deadly robots and the scaly powerhouse, Abomination. Can two of Marvel's mightiest heroes find a way to work together without smashing each other before time runs out?

Release Date: December 3, 2013

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  • anthonynguyen
    anthonynguyenover 7 years
    youtube is better
    • mayhem
      mayhemover 7 years33 popcorn
      3 popcorn
      • spider2001
        spider2001over 7 yearsFeatured
        This animated adventure, I have to admit, was a bit of a letdown. Back in the late 2000's, and early 2010's, Lionsgate, along with Marvel animation, were producing top notch animated films, or otherwise known as Marvel Animated Features. This series of films includes movies such as "Hulk Vs.," "Doctor Strange," and "Ultimate Avengers," just to name a few. These films were true features, they had good dialogue, a fun story, and they were just plain fun to watch. To be honest, I'm sad they aren't making them anymore. After a while, I decided to see if this was as good as those old one's, and it wasn't. I felt that it was targeted more towards little kids, which is okay, but it was just hard for me to connect with. I felt that the story was a little shaky and confusing at times, but I guess it was alright for an animated, direct to video feature. If you are a fan of those old Lionsgates' movies, then watch this movie at your're own risk. I'm not saying it was a bad movie, I'm just saying that it could have been better. And I do understand that It was a different animation style and it was made by a different company, but I just felt, given the quality of Marvel animation in the past, it could have been A LOT better. Just saying. But I'm not saying you wouldn't like it, I'm just saying that I personally did not like it a whole lot. You watch it, and decide for yourself.

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