Ballerina (2016)

Set in 1879 Paris. An orphan girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Paris, where she passes for someone else and accedes to the position of pupil at the Grand Opera house.

Release Date: November 4, 2016

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  • skyward_flight
    skyward_flight9 months55 popcorn
    This movie will melt your heart! Sad, happy, and just plain beautiful all at the same time!
    • book_addict
      book_addict11 months55 popcorn
      OMG I loveeee this movie! It’s one of my favorites! I’ve already watched it, like five times! 100T stars!!!
      • bunnyjoyful_sab
        bunnyjoyful_sab11 months55 popcorn
        I LOVE this movie we watched it every birthday ever since it had came out and love it every time!
        • foreverregancorn
          foreverregancorn11 months55 popcorn
          love this movie. fun fact, it used to be callld leap. cool huh
          • dior_queen
            dior_queen11 months55 popcorn
            100 satrs LOVED IT she just like me but i do majorette , majortte is like a sassy type of dance with the death drop in hair whipping
            • lilac_liberty16
              lilac_liberty1612 months55 popcorn
              I love Ballerina because the girl kept trying and trying really hard to be a ballerina and even though she had some opposition and competition she kept on going and in the end she became the best ballerina ever! I also loved the dance battle because it was soo intense and fun!😁👏
              • adroit_avimimus
                adroit_avimimusover 1 year44 popcornFeatured
                Ballerina is an animation that's ideal for junior balletomanes, and is at its best in the dancing scenes, which are animated with verve and realism, with every leap and pirouette finely rendered. The movie is a comical and visual treat. And there's a touching ending. The voice cast, too, was exceptional, enlivening dialogue that frequently sounds as though it has lost a little something in translation. The film, although is full of common places, has its greater interest in the recreation of that Paris and in some choreographies that only the drawing makes possible. Even though it seeks to fit in trying to look like an American animation, its scent of illustrated European children's story is perceived. Of course 'Ballerina' isn't immune to flaws. The story is very familiar and does get predictable, while the characters are very likable but slightly skim-surface archetypes. However, this may seem very nit-picky and can easily be ignored by people and only problems for the toughest of critics. However, the animation is very good, often excellent, especially in the beautifully studied and meticulous background details and the intricate and graceful choreography that synchronises with the music very well and shows animators that have clearly done their homework. As said, the soundtrack does mostly work, while the script makes a real attempt to appeal to both children and adults (being a family film) and, with a nice mix of humour, pathos and life values and never being over-complicated or childish, it does succeed. The story, even with the familiarity and predictability, goes at a neat pace and as well as having a lot of charm and heart the messaging never comes over as preachy and very much valuable. It is also easy to see why anybody would find it inspiring and easy to relate to. Even though archetypal, the characters are still likable, the title character has her flaws but it is easy to quickly warm to her. The voice acting, DeHaan aside, is strong, with Elle Fanning and Carly Rae Jensen bringing emotion and spirit to their characters and Maddie Ziegler stealing the show. In summary, a familiar film but a very charming one to be watched.
                • mirembeclaire37
                  mirembeclaire37over 1 year55 popcorn
                  Cool movie so full of inspo
                  • techfashion0315
                    techfashion0315over 1 year55 popcornFeatured
                    I loved this movie. Super motivating and music that makes you want to sing right along with the singer. This girl lives in a colorless orphanage since she was very little. Here she finds her gift and talent for dancing. With her friend, she and him set off to Paris for a better life, fleeing the cruelty of the orphanage. In Paris, the girl gets a job as a maid. And the woman she works alongside with was a former ballerina but a accident stopped her from achieving her goals of becoming a professional ballerina. Once the orphan tells this woman about her love for ballet, the woman helps her achieve her goals of going to an expensive ballet school. But sadly, the dreams fade when the woman they are working for has a daughter who is a very competitive ballerina in training. But when a letter in the mail addressed to the daughter arrives, the orphan opens it, and it is an invitation to that expensive school she wanted to go to. Not tell the real girl that the letter came, the orphan goes to the school in the daughter's name. All is going well until they find out and the orphan is sent back to the orphanage. But the headmaster of the orphanage takes pity on the orphan and returns her back to Paris to attend the school in her own name. the movie ends with the orphan dancing with a famous ballerina. I am sorry I was so nondescript about the names of the characters, I forgot what the names were. But anyway, I suggest it for people who like ballet, adventure, slight humor, and inspirational films. 5 popcorns!
                    • purplepearls
                      purplepearlsalmost 2 years55 popcorn
                      Amazing movie, I do not know why it is so underrated