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Me Before You

Me Before You (2016)

Rated PG-13 110 min - Drama Romance
A small town girl is caught between dead-end jobs. A high-profile, successful man becomes wheelchair bound following an accident. The man decides his life is not worth living until the girl is hired for six months to be his new caretaker. Worlds apart and trapped together by circumstance, the two get off to a rocky start. But the girl becomes determined to prove to the man that life is worth living and as they embark on a series of adventures together, each finds their world changing in ways neither of them could begin to imagine.

Release Date: May 23, 2016

5 Movie Reviews
  • ajjane
    ajjaneover 3 years55 popcorn
    i recommend this because it shows that you should be more respectful and help others who need it and not to be selfish and self centered.
    • chattypants
      chattypantsalmost 5 years44 popcorn
      this is a very good movie i cried at least five times and it is so heart warming i love this movie it is very inappropriate at times but if you have permission from a guardian than i highly recommend you watch it i recommend it for ages nine and up i love the sadness i will not spoil it for the others who have not watched it but the ending is sad and surprising you think one thing and then he does the other so sad wwaaaaaaaaaa talk to you later from the chatty pants to see more chatty pants articles look in current events and there should be comments from me or follow me i am on dogo movies every Thursday by from the chatty pants
      • momoover 5 years
        this is a really nice movie with a thought about kindness and love. It really makes you want to be in the movie, and it kind of teaches a lesson on life, which is really nice.
        • abbyabby132
          abbyabby132about 6 years
          NEED TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!
          • callaway2005
            callaway2005about 6 years
            i just watched this movie and it was great it was sad but romantic at the same time. it is about a guy named will and he got parilized. he absolutly hated his life until a girl that wanted to help came.Her name was Lou. She wanted to help but Will didnt want her at first but after they got to know each other they liked each other more and more but the boy still hated his life and was going to kill him self with a pill. The girl really didnt want him to kill him self. watch the movie for more. thx