Megamind (2010)

After Megamind, a highly intelligent alien supervillain, defeats his long-time nemesis Metro Man, Megamind creates a new hero to fight, but must act to save the city when his "creation" becomes an even worse villain than he was.

Directors: Tom McGrath, Cameron Hood

Cast: Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, and David Cross

Release Date: November 4, 2010

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  • musical_nerd
    musical_nerdover 1 year44 popcorn
    • book_addict
      book_addictover 1 year
      I haven’t watched this movie yet, but a lot of my friends mentioned it before.
      • techfashion0315
        techfashion0315over 1 year55 popcorn
        "You were right, I was...less right." -Megamind. He's a super villain. He's evil. He' Megamind has always been a criminal. Since being raised in a prison meant growing up with inmates, Megamind has only become eviler every day. Just like all masterminds, Megamind has an arch nemesis...Metro Man. Together they fight each other, Megamind as the evil villain and Metro Man was the brave hero. But when Megamind finally takes care of Metro Man once and for all, Megamind is now wondering if he really wants to be bad forever. With Roxanne Richi, a news reporter, Megamind tries to reverse is evilness by trying to get rid of a new evil threat. I thought this movie was hilarious. Truly it is. Everything in the movie is well put together and you will be laughing until your sides get sore. I thought this movie was kind of sweet, funny, encouraging, and creative. It teaches the importance of forgiveness and self-sacrifice. The movie defines a true hero; a person that helps people for the better of humanity. I loved this movie and would suggest for a movie night. Happy watching!
        • gentleman
          gentlemanover 3 years44 popcorn
          used to watch it all the time when I was boerd
          • percypatterson1
            percypatterson1over 4 years55 popcorn
            WOW! Will Ferell was good! I really like this film!
            • hendrickson
              hendricksonover 4 years55 popcorn
              I have the dvd so I can watch the movie but I didn't want to watch the movie but I really want to but I do not want to watch the movie
              • elixermonster
                elixermonsteralmost 5 years55 popcorn
                This is really good i would recommend.🍿
                • bluezebra
                  bluezebraover 6 years55 popcorn
                  This movie is SUPER funny. I loved it! I recommend this movie to anyone who loves comedy and plot twists.
                  • s679617
                    s679617over 7 years55 popcorn
                    I remeber this movie i Really do like it, it is a very good movie and I recomend watching it for like a sleepover and Monsters V Aliens is a GREAT movie to!
                    • CuteBunniesover 7 years
                      This is one of those movies where the villan becomes the hero in the end. Metro Man is goofy and Megamind is a genius. But Megamind's backstory is like Superman's backstory.