My Little Pony: A New GenerationMy Little Pony: A New GenerationMy Little Pony: A New GenerationMy Little Pony: A New GenerationMy Little Pony: A New GenerationMy Little Pony: A New GenerationMy Little Pony: A New Generation
My Little Pony: A New Generation

My Little Pony: A New Generation (2021)

Equestria's divided. But a bright-eyed hero believes Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns should be pals — and, hoof to heart, she’s determined to prove it.

Release Date: September 24, 2021

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  • catluva08
    catluva08over 2 years44 popcorn
    Omg!! I love it so much!! It is an amazing recreation of the classic my little pony series that I watched and loved! Although it is an amazing movie nothing can beat the classic series. I can't give it full stars yet because I haven't watched all of it. Yo never no it might end in all the ponies dyeing!!! (Probably not : ))
    • south_girl_04
      south_girl_04over 2 years55 popcorn
      Soo awesome!
      • tvesha8anime
        tvesha8animeover 2 years55 popcornFeatured
        This movie, is really great. So here this story revolves around one question- WHY DID THE EARTH PONIES, PEGASAI AND UNICORNS BROKE FRIENDSHIP?. Here, amongst the Earth Ponies there are 2 people who strongly believe in the reunion and a new start of friendship between the species- Sunny Bunny and her dad. Sunny Bunny grows older and her Dad passes away, she has just one friend in her town- Maretime Bay, Inspector Hitch. She meets a unicorn called Izzy, and is surprised to see that unicorns are living without magic. Together Bunny and Izzy embark on a journey to restore the magic- and peace. They head to Zepharites- the kingdom of Pegasai. They befriend Princesses Zip and Pip and they manage to restore peace in end but only Sunny Bunny losing her home due to some misunderstanding with the arrogant Spout. Also, Bunny transforms into an Alicorn which is perfect. I recommend this movie to children, you and adults, it shows the true meaning of friendship and how to make it stronger- just believe in us and friends.
      • lawccccc
        lawcccccover 2 years55 popcorn
        One of the bast movies everrrr!!!
        • charyinnit
          charyinnitover 2 years44 popcorn
          Honestly, if I have to rate this movie then I'm just gonna give it a 4, because when I clicked on this movie I was expecting the original MLP not whatever this is but, BUT overall this was a pretty good movie me and my friend watched it together on discord and yea. I recommend this movie if you have watched the original MLP. Don't watch this movie BEFORE you watch the original MLP
          • unknown_user14
            unknown_user14over 2 years55 popcorn
            "My Little Pony: A New Generation" follows My Little Pony. Filled with laughs, GLITTER, colors, adventure, hirlarious jokes, friendship and MAGIC! These ponies and unicorns conquer the fear and negative! I rate this a 100/100!
            • ihavestuff
              ihavestuffover 2 years55 popcorn
              • millielunajonas
                millielunajonasover 2 years55 popcorn
                Finished just awhile ago really good
                • juice_jonas
                  juice_jonasover 2 years55 popcorn
                  Hi! Just watching this movie for the first time!
                  • millielunajonas
                    millielunajonasover 2 years55 popcorn
                    Just about to watch it! So excited to watch! Big fan! Check in soon to see my review.

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