Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Samurai's Journey

Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Samurai's Journey (2003)

Soar With the Roar of a Samurai Ranger Surprise! Continuing to gorge with an appetite for destruction, Lothor and his alien minions mount an all-out attack, led by Madtropolis, to drain the Wind and Thunder Rangers of their power! It's all jammin' and no slammin', even in Megazord mode, when Cam must travel in time to snag the ultimate power source - a Samurai amulet that unlocks the mystery of the "ancient warrior of evil." Meanwhile, with things frozen in time, Lothor unleashes Operation Alien Outreach to take advantage of a defenseless Earth. The only hope in the harshness is a 6th Ranger with the power to get the thugs to bug off.

Release Date: December 9, 2003

4 Movie Reviews
  • Osmin Thielmanabout 4 years
    love it
    • cheetahgirl123
      cheetahgirl123about 7 years55 popcorn
      I love power rangers so much that I watch this show for 24 hrs with no complaints. To me it is very interesting and fun to watch. My friend Fuzzybaby10 says she hates power rangers and her brothers watch everyday!! I wonder why she do not like them b/c I like them!
      • riderover 8 years
        ok movie
        • twilightover 8 years