Scales: Mermaids Are RealScales: Mermaids Are RealScales: Mermaids Are RealScales: Mermaids Are RealScales: Mermaids Are RealScales: Mermaids Are Real
Scales: Mermaids Are Real

Scales: Mermaids Are Real (2017)

Siren has lived her life thinking she's an ordinary girl, in an ordinary town. On her 12th birthday, she learns that she's far from ordinary.

Release Date: July 21, 2017

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  • aquawolf
    aquawolfover 1 year55 popcorn
    The movie is so cool
    • piggyfan
      piggyfanalmost 2 years11 popcorn
      the movies so low-budget and it doesn’t make sense, for example: “did you know humans are 65% water?” And the mermaid uses its powers to dissolve the water, and then the person just dissolves all the way. where did the other 35% go? I have so many questions of the movie, but I just don’t want to spoil it. ever since my family and I watched this it has always been a joke in house. if your looking for a movie to make fun of, this is for you.
      • Milly over 2 years
        Omg l love this movie so much 🧜‍♀️
        • I Am sanna fan over 2 years
          OMG I Love this movie so mutch I love the mermaids so mutch i love Sirens new tail
          • juzybeja-157462515463
            juzybeja-157462515463over 2 years33 popcorn
            I watched this Movie on Netflix, I liked it and I liked the Mermaids on land. I liked their style. I do recommend not making the changing look so weird and creepy. And also when Siren went under water and started swimming it all looked Slow and kinda Boring. But I still liked it. #Scales -Kenadie
          • AmberPuppy🍁 almost 5 years
            HMM... how come I have never heard bout it before? should be good.
            • lexialmost 5 years
              i love this
              • uma100
                uma100about 5 years55 popcorn
                i want to watch this! it looks intresting.
                • The Pink Ladiesabout 5 years
                  i havent seen it yet but it looks good
                  • hayleeabout 5 years
                    omg soo cool