Spy KidsSpy KidsSpy KidsSpy KidsSpy KidsSpy Kids
Spy Kids

Spy Kids (2001)

Carmen and Juni think their parents are boring. Little do they know that in their day, Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez were the top secret agents from their respective countries. They gave up that life to raise their children. Now, the disappearances of several of their old colleagues forces the Cortez' return from retirement. What they didn't count on was Carmen and Juni joining the "family business."

Directors: Robert Rodriguez

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, and Alan Cumming

Release Date: March 18, 2001

25 Movie Reviews
  • Moonflower360almost 4 years
    this movie was really good but i watched it when i was little so i really didn't get it but now i think its ok
    • umistwoseventen
      umistwoseventenalmost 4 years
      it's good but a little freakish but it's good for tv dinners
      • ticktok
        ticktokover 4 years55 popcorn
        Spy kids is a very awesome movie.First they find out there parents are spys.A whole adventure I recommend this movie.I watched all of the spy kids movies including them episode series.I love this movie series look o yay baby ✌👉
        • shadower922
          shadower922almost 5 years44 popcorn
          Twas ok
          • writer
            writeralmost 5 years55 popcorn
            this movie was full of surprising twists turns and adventure and action my favorite part. was when the children turned minion into a floogle
            • flower_girl8
              flower_girl8about 8 years
              this is a great movie
              • laker101
                laker101about 8 years
                this is really good awesome though the special effects are awful still good
                • cats123
                  cats123over 8 years55 popcorn
                  THIS is AWESOME you have to watch it
                  • cheeserollerman
                    cheeserollermanabout 9 years
                    i love spykids
                    • yusuf12
                      yusuf12over 9 years
                      good movie cool movie..interesting.....the whole time while watching this movie as well i was just think what if i was them as well...that be cool

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