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Super 8

Super 8 (2011)

In 1979 Ohio, several youngsters are making a zombie movie with a Super-8 camera. In the midst of filming, the friends witness a horrifying train derailment and are lucky to escape with their lives. They soon discover that the catastrophe was no accident, as a series of unexplained events and disappearances soon follows. Deputy Jackson Lamb, the father of one of the kids, searches for the terrifying truth behind the crash.

Directors: J.J. Abrams

Cast: Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, Joel Courtney, Gabriel Basso, and Noah Emmerich

Release Date: June 10, 2011

34 Movie Reviews
  • iwrite2u
    iwrite2uover 9 years44 popcorn
    This is a great movie that talks about sticking together with your friends. It is just amazing the cast although its young age. I must give props to Elle Fanning. Her performance in this film was just unbelievable. I must warn that the movie may have things that scare little kids due to the sci-fi of the film that is pretty much shown at the end. My little brother was scared of it but over all a very good film.
    • adameli
      adameliover 9 years55 popcorn
      • pinkypink13542
        pinkypink13542over 9 years55 popcornFeatured
        I desided to watch this movie because the kid i like Ryan Lee was in this movie so I watched it and loved it it is funny but there are some swears I had my mom watch it first then tell me if it was ok to watch and she said yes it is an amazing movie and if you watch it the kid that is abseses with fiarworks and booms is my favorite.
        • campita nmrnover 9 years
          IT STUNK WORST movie EVER
          • hiwazzup
            hiwazzupover 9 years55 popcornFeatured
            This is rated PG-13 for good reason, but that doesn't stop Super 8 from being one of the best movies ever! This is my favorite movie. This movie is great for people who love filmmaking. Set in 1979, you watch as the main characters film a zombie movie on Super8mm film. I would not recommend this to people who get really scared at surprise bursts, and/or people who are afraid of monsters. I personally love this movie and I have watched it multiple times!
            • persephonia
              persephoniaover 9 years
              This is A GREAT movie. Sure, there's kids cussing, but it's funny. It's about a creature or alien on Earth.
              • jbfan101
                jbfan101over 9 years55 popcorn
                This is a sci-fi/fantasy movie. It is about a creature (unknown to humans, except 1individual). It is entertaining and I love the character, Jerry, who makes and blows up home-made firecrackers A LOT!!!!! A MUST WATCH MOVIE!!!!!!
                • blue018
                  blue018over 9 years
                  awesome move one of my faveorites
                  • 20mpatton
                    20mpattonalmost 10 years55 popcornFeatured
                    THIS IS THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME! It is halarious, realistic (kind of), has you on the edge of your seat and has a scare hear and there. Also is filled with action. If this sounds like your kind of movie than you have to watch it!
                    • griffin
                      griffinalmost 10 years44 popcorn
                      Great movie!! Had me on the edge of my seat

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