The Princess DiariesThe Princess DiariesThe Princess DiariesThe Princess DiariesThe Princess DiariesThe Princess Diaries
The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries (2001)

Rated G 115 min - Comedy Family Romance
A socially awkward but very bright 15-year-old girl being raised by a single mom discovers that she is the princess of a small European country because of the recent death of her long-absent father, who, unknown to her, was the crown prince of Genovia. She must make a choice between continuing the life of a San Francisco teen or stepping up to the throne.

Directors: Garry Marshall

Cast: Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, Hector Elizondo, Heather Matarazzo, and Mandy Moore

Release Date: August 3, 2001

47 Movie Reviews
  • Serenityover 3 years
    I love it
    • acting_music124
      acting_music124over 3 years55 popcorn
      I recommend this movie, but mostly for girls. Spolier Alert! It's about a girl that's going to be a princess but she doesn't act proper. She's always dancing and doesn't want to much makeup!
      • rey_starwars176
        rey_starwars176over 3 years55 popcorn
        I really recommend this movie. Even for boys. I don't want to spoil it, but I do want to say that it's about a princess that's not all fancy. She likes having fun. I really like it and recommend it! Please watch!!
        • pepperminty08
          pepperminty08over 3 years55 popcorn
          I love this movie! It's was one of my first movie I wasn't scared of!
          • savy_reader
            savy_readerover 3 years55 popcorn
            This movie is really good Iv'e watched it a million times!! It"s about this ordinary girl who feels like nothing but finds out she is a princess! she has to do training and get makeovers to become the perfect princess. Does she want to be a princess?
            • Charlene3over 3 years
              What I love about the Princess diaries is Michael liking Mia even before her makeover my favourite quotes are why me. Because you saw me when i was invisible
              • BLAHabout 5 years
                • bluefox
                  bluefoxabout 6 years55 popcorn
                  I loved this movie! When I flew on an airplane from America to Italy this summer, I watched it on the plane! I love this movie! plus, it is appropriate for many ages!
                  • swirlycool
                    swirlycoolabout 6 years55 popcorn
                    i think the movie is great, and i think ages 7 and up can watch
                    • pinkfan
                      pinkfanover 6 years
                      I love this movie, i wish i was a princess