The Sound of MusicThe Sound of MusicThe Sound of MusicThe Sound of MusicThe Sound of Music
The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music (1965)

A tomboyish postulant at an Austrian abbey becomes a governess in the home of a widowed naval captain with seven children, and brings a new love of life and music into the home.

Directors: Robert Wise

Cast: Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, Richard Haydn, and Peggy Wood

Release Date: March 2, 1965

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  • techfashion0315
    techfashion03157 months55 popcorn
    "A captain, seven children, what's the matter about that?" - From the song "I Have Confidence" I absolutely loved this movie! A spirited nun in Austria named Maria has never fit in at the abbey. So the head nun and others decide to let Maria be a governess for a former captain and his seven children. Maria thinks that this is no problem. Boy, was she wrong. The children hate her at first. But lovable Maria finds a way to get them to like her. She takes them on a picnic and while she is there, they all tell her that they can't sing. Maria is taken aback. Immediately, she begins to teach them. With the basic to more complex singing, Maria and the children begin to bond. With the children taken care of it is on to the captain. Maria soon realizes that she has feelings for him. But sadly, he is already dating a woman. But by the end of the movie, he falls in love with Maria and get married. But it is not happily ever after for this family. At this time World War II broke out in Austria. Nazi soldiers lined the streets of Austria. The captain soon was assigned to become a Nazi. But the captain is a strong patriot of Austria and would never give her up. So he and Maria hatch a plan to trick the Nazis and flee from Austria to a countryside. The movie ends with the captain, Maria, and the children walking out of Austria and away from the Nazis. I enjoyed this movie because the music was catchy, the plot was exciting and sometimes funny, and it was just a classic movie that I am sure you will love! I suggest this movie if you like musicals, love, and coming together of family. Happy watching!
    • kirakoala
      kirakoala11 months55 popcorn
      I love this movie!
      • wolfy_blue
        wolfy_blueover 1 year44 popcorn
        It was a really cute movie!
        • fantasyreader65
          fantasyreader65over 2 years55 popcorn
          I would give this movie six popcorn if i could. We are going to watch this movie at my birthday sleepover in two weeks! I am exited. if this movie was a food it would be like a cupcake with ice cream frosting dipped in chocolate with sprinkles and whipped cream. that is how good it is.
          • misted
            mistedover 2 years55 popcorn
            This is a really good movie, I think that the musical numbers are amazing 🎶🎶🎶🎶as well as the costumes and wardrobe🎩🎩I recommend this movie to someone who loves Marry popins
            • Justice about 3 years
              I love the sound of the music
              • sound_of_music
                sound_of_musicover 3 years55 popcorn
                This movie is a great family movie that is based on a true story. And if you like musicals, you definitely should see this. It has romance, adventure, and many songs. I really liked this movie.
                • olimpia5223
                  olimpia5223almost 4 years
                  If you like singing, comedy in a calm and relaxed 😌 kind of way this is the movie 🎥you will enjoy its all in color and is a neat movie indeed.
                  • bookstory14
                    bookstory14over 4 years55 popcorn
                    I LOVE The Sound of Music. I grew up watching it and knew "Edelweiss" by heart before I was five. The Sound of Music is great for kids. Maria acts like a kid herself, and she is the loving mother that the kids need. The Sound of Music also teaches history (World War II) and different ways that people love people. The Baroness loves the Captain because of his money, and Maria loves the Captain and the children because of their personalities. Also, the nuns have a change of heart and include Maria into their circle of love and trust. Maria also teaches the kids that it is okay to have fun-they climb mountains, trees, they canoe (and swim in the process), put on a puppet show, and go perform in a giant auditorium.
                    • sam2007
                      sam2007over 4 years55 popcorn
                      It IS the best movie on the face of the planet!