The Ugly DachshundThe Ugly DachshundThe Ugly DachshundThe Ugly Dachshund
The Ugly Dachshund

The Ugly Dachshund (1966)

Rated G 93 min - Comedy Drama Family
The Garrisons are the "proud parents" of three adorable dachshund pups - and one overgrown Great Dane named Brutus, who nevertheless thinks of himself as a dainty dachsie. His identity crisis results in an uproarious series of household crises that reduce the Garrisons' house to shambles - and viewers to howls of laughter!

Directors: Norman Tokar

Cast: Dean Jones, Suzanne Pleshette, Charlie Ruggles, Kelly Thordsen, and Parley Baer

Release Date: February 16, 1966

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  • baconlover123
    baconlover123almost 9 yearsFeatured
    This is such a cute movie. Everybody needs to watch this. WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!! It is a story about a family with dachsunds that got a big dog. Since the big dog was just a puppy he thought he was a dachshund. He is always blamed for what the dachsunds do. It is so cute.