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The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Young Dorothy finds herself in a magical world where she makes friends with a lion, a scarecrow and a tin man as they make their way along the yellow brick road to talk with the Wizard and ask for the things they miss most in their lives. The Wicked Witch of the West is the only thing that could stop them.

Directors: Victor Fleming, King Vidor

Cast: Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, and Jack Haley

Release Date: August 10, 1939

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  • doyoulikepandas
    doyoulikepandasover 4 years44 popcorn
    I realy liked The Wizard of Oz
    • thatredheadxd
      thatredheadxdalmost 5 years55 popcorn
      Love that old movie! :)
      • Hazel sky09almost 5 years
        so cute loved it I thought I was going pass out
        • Gonzalezalmost 5 years
          I like it because it is a movie that is inspiring and it leads you to do whatever you want and to follow your own path and to not be a follower that is what Dorothea did she did all of those ,things and what kids should do and to have great teamwork like the tin man did and the lion and the crow and of corss Dorothea and she helped the tin man a put in a refill of feul for him and nothing stoped them from making it across the path and she made friends with people that she met so they would not have to be alone in the middle of nowhere and that is what a really good friend should do for others like Dorothea did .and that’s my option About the movie so please do not judge me or copy me and just use your own words like I did a write what you feel about the movie not what eneybody is thinking or saying to you I was a good friend at that moment cause I told what many you should do I was not telling you I was suggesting it cause it would be better sorry if I changed the topic this whole time I was talking about something els
          • Joshua#Jboogiealmost 5 years
            This movie is about a girl named Dorothy who's house was hit by a tornado and landed in this fantasy world with munchkins and then a green wicked witch comes on the scene and try's to stop Dorothy. But Dorothy isn't alone because she a scarecrow, a tin man, and the king of the jungle a big lion. But as they finally get to the Emerald City, the wizard doesn't allow them to enter and then Dorothy starts to cry. Then the wizard hears the crying and finally lets them in. The lion is Terrified and then the wizard starts to speak then the lion starts to pass out. Then at the witch's castle the witch try's to set scarecrow on fire and then Dorothy dumps a bucket of water on the wicked witch and then she melted. ( OMG I Spoiled The Movie!!! Oh No)
            • cdsyuna
              cdsyunaalmost 5 years55 popcorn
              Dorothy is a girl who was trying to run away from one women who was trying to kill her dog.At that time the tornado was coming so she run to home but she was too late to go under the grind so she just run to her room and she just hide. And when her house get in the tornado she hit her head after that when she woke up she land on the Munchkin land .And when she lend at the Munchkinland her house lend on the which of the east .After she get out of her house she knew that she was in the Munchkin land .She was very surprised.After when she met a which the north she to her how can I go back to home ask Dorothy.Which of the north tell her to follow the yellow street. And she get to crystal castle and before that she first met tree friends and go together. But she can't go to Wizard of oz. Now you tried to watch the Wizard of oz. When you are watching that movie I think you get bag of popcorn and some tissue. I hope you will like that movie a lot.
              • cdsjeongwoo2
                cdsjeongwoo2almost 5 years55 popcorn
                Dorothy was stuck on Munchkinland because she was blown away by a tornado. She wanted to go back to her home, Kansas. She made new friends like the lion, the medal guy, and the scarecrow. One of the witches was trying to get the shiny shoes that Dorothy had. Dorothy and her friends were trying to go to the Wizard of Oz. It was sooooooooooooooooo much fun because the dog and the girl made friends. The whole movie was surprising. My favorite character was the dog. You should watch this movie because it is fun.
                • cdsjaehee
                  cdsjaeheealmost 5 years55 popcorn
                  The Wizard of Oz is about a story about a girl named Dorothy that lived in Kansas with a pet named Toto.Dorothy met a magician. When she went home, a horrible weather approached. Dorothy was too late to get in the basement so she went inside the house to her room. The house landed on munchkin land and landed on top of the wicked witch of the east. Then a good witch approched.So the munchkins came and was happy for killing the wicked witch of the east.The good witch took the red ruby shoes from the wicked witch of the east to Dorothy. Then another wicked witch appeared which was the wicked witch of the west. And the wicked witch was aiming for Dorothy’s ruby shoes. Find out what happened to Dorothy and Toto. I would get any snacks like chips or popcorn And a warm blanket to watch the movie.I would give it five popcorn because I liked the color And it was a very good act out.
                  • cdsjulie123
                    cdsjulie123almost 5 years44 popcorn
                    Dorothy lived in Kansas,And,nobody listen to Dorothy,then Dorothy,left the house,Kansas,then come back because of tornado that came to Kansas.then Dorothy’s family, hid in the basement. Dorothy hide in it’s room.the tornado got Dorothy’s house,which only Dorothy and her dog Todo was in.the house landed on Munchkinland and killed the wicked witch of the EAST.wicked witch of the west came to revenge on Dorothy.after,Dorothy found new friends who wants to meet the wizard of oz.and they go to meet wizard of oz and when they meet the wizard of oz..but Dorothy and her friends found that somebody was acting that he was wizard of oz.But then it was success!The fake people that act like wizard of oz,got the basket and got the wish.Dorothy got home and maybe it was a dream(?) She just woke up. comment: I like that it takes a lot of places(Setting),I like that people act really funny,I also like the characters..and Finally,.I love the Todo(The main character,Dorothy's Dog)Because he is so CUTE!!!!!!!That's why I am giving 4 Popcorns..BUT...!..I don't like the uncolored parts.......and sometimes my eyes gets hurt.I would give 4 Popcorns for this movie,The Wizard of Oz.............................
                    • cdsjuliet
                      cdsjulietalmost 5 years55 popcornFeatured
                      The Wizard Of Oz is about a girl named Dorothy. Her house gets hit by a tornado and she can’t hide in time. So she hid under her bed with her dog, Toto. Soon she discovered that she wasn’t home anymore, She was in a magical land called Oz. She meets a nice witch which gives her red shoes for good luck. She starts to have the desire to go back home. She discovered that she had to go to the wizard in Emerald City. She meets some friends on the way, that also have a desire for something that can only be given by the wizard. They meet some evil witches both they defeat. By smashing one with a house and the other with water. Will they get all their desires fulfilled or will they be left without their desires being fulfilled? I personally think that this is a great movie and I recommended to watch it with cupcakes, pillows and blankets. Make sure to get comfy!
                      • cdsjulie123
                        cdsjulie123almost 5 years44 popcorn
                        Your Comment is COOL!Juliet!
                        • cdsamy
                          cdsamyalmost 5 years55 popcorn
                          Nice! I like your review cdsjuliet! This is a long and good review. I like how you told me us that Dorothy's life and the brief summary!