Vivo (2021)

A music-loving kinkajou named Vivo embarks on the journey of a lifetime to fulfill his destiny and deliver a love song for an old friend.

Release Date: August 1, 2021

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  • sanrio
    sanrioabout 1 month44 popcorn
    It’s a good movie! Good songs, good writing, and good characters! I was surprised to see Lin Manuel Miranda was in it, but of course that kind of surprise is good. I love musicals and I’ve seen Hamilton and In the Heights. Anyways, back to the movie. I forgot the name of the girl, but she’s my favorite character. She’s got her own style and doesn’t want to be a Girl Scout (forgot what it was actually called) because she thinks it’s boring. The song she sings is one of my favorites!
    • porkchopsparkle
      porkchopsparkleabout 1 month55 popcorn
      • unipug2
        unipug2about 1 month55 popcorn
        If there were ever a word to describe this movie, it would be epic! Vivo has to be watched, for it is an exquisite and genuinely creative musical movie. Vivo is a young kinkajou monkey. He sings with his owner, who rescued him from dogs several years ago. But one day, Andres gets a letter from his old friend, Marta, a famous singer to perform in her final concert. Vivo is upset, because he likes it to just be him and Andres. But the day after, Andres dies. How would you feel about falling asleep and never waking up? So now, with Gabby, Andres's niece, he must deliver Andres's song, Paras Marta, to Marta. Along the way, quirky characters, funky plot twists, and of course, MUSIC, Vivo discovers more about himself and makes new friends. Certainly a pick for fun family-friendly movie nights.
        • danyella
          danyellaabout 1 month55 popcorn
          Hi I think this movie is really good it's sad but I like the songs at the end is good to Hopefully you guys can see it
          • kenna626
            kenna626about 1 month55 popcorn
            This movie is funny. I really like the songs. The animals are really cool, and Vivo is cute.
            • 29zabraham
              29zabrahamabout 1 month55 popcorn
              I LOVE this movie because its really heartwarming. And i love the songs.
              • zoeyyang
                zoeyyangabout 2 months55 popcorn
                This is great.