Free BirdsFree BirdsFree BirdsFree Birds
Free Birds

Free Birds (2013)

Two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks must put aside their differences and team up to travel back in time to change the course of history—and get turkey off the holiday menu for good.

Directors: Jimmy Hayward

Cast: Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler, George Takei, and Colm Meaney

Release Date: November 1, 2013

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  • pudgyjeon
    pudgyjeonabout 2 months44 popcorn
    I really like the movie Free Birds, I sometimes watch it even when it's not Thanksgiving time! One thing that was a little disappointing though, was the plot twist was kind of predictable. Overall I'd say that Free Birds is a funny, heartwarming, adventurous movie. I thought it was funny how in the end the Pilgrims ended up eating pizza! I'd recommend this movie for people who like Thanksgiving-based movies, time travel movies, and animals.
    • chocolatecandy5
      chocolatecandy5over 6 years55 popcorn
      this is really good.
      • siri
        siriover 6 years
        looks good
        • sanj75
          sanj75over 6 years44 popcorn
          Pretty good
          • freddy9628492-1almost 7 years
            movie is great a little a bit.
            • dylanalmost 7 years
              • iluvpups
                iluvpupsalmost 7 years55 popcorn
                this movie is so funny. its funny when the thin turkey has a doorknob and is "the great turkey" when he goes back in time
                • misstan
                  misstanabout 7 years55 popcorn
                  my brother love this movie .i have not watch it yet but i can tell it is going to be bad
                  • liezl
                    liezlover 7 years44 popcorn
                    This is an AWESOME movie! Parts of the movie is really funny and it shows that turkeys are really quite dumb.
                    • jenny1214
                      jenny1214over 7 years55 popcorn
                      so cool happy ending