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Happy Feet

Happy Feet (2006)

Rated PG 108 min - Animation Comedy Family
Into the world of the Emperor Penguins, who find their soul mates through song, a penguin is born who cannot sing. But he can tap dance something fierce!

Directors: George Miller

Cast: Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy, Hugh Jackman, and Nicole Kidman

Release Date: November 12, 2006

22 Movie Reviews
  • jenny1214
    jenny1214almost 9 years55 popcorn
    loved it never get boring
    • zuzu333
      zuzu333almost 9 years22 popcorn
      it wasn't very good. i liked it a lot when i was a kid but now when i watch it i really don't like it.
      • lorde
        lordeover 9 years44 popcorn
        cute funny adorable all I have 2 say.
        • zn7544
          zn7544over 9 years
          I love this movie because it makes me think to show my self and not to hide the real me.
          • shanilay1234567
            shanilay1234567over 9 years
            i love it
            • neoncat
              neoncatalmost 10 years44 popcorn
              It's very sad and cute <3!
              • yusuf120
                yusuf120almost 10 years44 popcorn
                • snowflake14251
                  snowflake14251about 10 years55 popcorn
                  watch it and #2
                  • snowflake14251
                    snowflake14251about 10 years55 popcorn
                    i love it so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
                    • barbie3014
                      barbie3014about 10 years55 popcorn
                      Like I said before,I love cartoon movies they ROCK!! But Happy Feet was not one of my favorite movies. All I saw it as was a movie about a bunch of penguins dancing. DO NOT WATCH HAPPY FEET. LittleLady:)