Vivo (2021)

A music-loving kinkajou named Vivo embarks on the journey of a lifetime to fulfill his destiny and deliver a love song for an old friend.

Release Date: August 1, 2021

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  • 1234re
    1234re14 days55 popcorn
    I love this movie because the music is the best!!!
    • groot
      Mr. Groot14 days33 popcorn
      I haven't watched a 2021 movie in a while so I'm gonna be catching up on the summer 2021 movies I didn't get around to yet. I found out about this one last year and was decently excited for it. I wasn't expecting anything phenomenal but nothing too bad. I pretty much got what I was anticipating. Some enjoyment, but it was missing something. I felt like the movie kept following the typical animated movie story beats with it's themes and the way the story flowed, but it has some charm in it to keep it unique. Throughout the film I kept getting Soul, Moana, and even La La Land vibes with the animation, music, and style. It didn't take anything from them, except Lin Manuel Miranda's songwriting that was in Moana, but the vibes are there. The movie has everything an animated movie has with the likable and charming protagonist, the annoying/delightful sidekick (in this case more annoying until the final few minutes), the songs, the story beats among other things, but it has this style and charisma to keep it a bit unique. What I thought the film did best was it's emotional beats. It knew exactly how to create the emotion, even if those scenes were predictable and cliche. I knew the first emotional thing that would happen immediately as the opening song ended, but it still packed the emotion in that scene to make it have the effect it would have if you didn't figure that part out. The ending of course is predictable, but it's an animated kids movie so obviously it will end the way it did, but it still packs an emotional punch and it did that in a nice way. While not perfect, it still supplies fun with the catchy songs in the same good old Lin Manuel Miranda style to keep both kids and adults entertained. GRADE B-
      • pink_koala
        pink_koala20 days55 popcorn
        The animations are soo cool!
        • vivo
          vivo23 days55 popcorn
          It so funny and I love the way he sings
          • huskygirl39
            huskygirl3924 days55 popcorn
            I really loved this movie I just loved the song my own drum
            • atroit_avimimus
              atroit_avimimus24 days55 popcornFeatured
              Leaving me with a smile on my face, tapping toes, and a warm spot in my heart, "Vivo" is one of the best animated offerings of the year. A beautiful heartfelt depiction of love, music, friendship & second chances. The songs are great & it's always a delight hearing Gloria Estefan's voice. By no means a classic, Vivo hits enough of the right notes, literally and figuratively, to put it on your family-time calendar.
              • lawccccc
                lawccccc28 days55 popcorn
                This was so emotional!!!
                • silverperson
                  silverperson25 days55 popcorn
                  Yeah but very exiting I never finished watching weather they reached
                • callumdeathrace
                  I Like how he sings
                  • callumdeathrace
                    it is a great funny story when vivo hit front of the car
                    • nitria
                      nitriaabout 1 month55 popcornFeatured
                      Last year's biggest animated feature was Pixar's + Disney's "Soul." The best thing I love about it was a rare feeling for music, an ability to express jazz visually and rhythmically. At times, "Vivo" does the same even better for Latin music. This is more than 5 popcorn. Its 50+ popcorn! Also, I LOVE MUSIC! Any type of music is fine by me (only if I like/love it).