Vivo (2021)

A music-loving kinkajou named Vivo embarks on the journey of a lifetime to fulfill his destiny and deliver a love song for an old friend.

Release Date: August 1, 2021

29 Movie Reviews
  • eagle_fan12
    eagle_fan1215 days55 popcorn
    i really want to watc
    • helliana
      helliana16 days
      So Cool My Parents Likes This Video
      • m5123
        m512329 days55 popcorn
        i cant wait to see this,my family loves hamilton and mulona and we cant wait to watch in the hites
        • diana1901
          diana1901about 2 months55 popcorn
          • addo111
            addo111about 2 months
            I like vivos songs
            • teddybear2010
              teddybear2010about 2 months55 popcorn
              Like I said the BEST MOVIE EVER U SHOULD WATCH ON NETFLIX!!!
              • teddybear2010
                teddybear2010about 2 months55 popcorn
                This movie IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
                • addo111
                  addo111about 2 months
                  Yes it is
                • lexi111234
                  lexi1112342 months33 popcorn
                  Than Waching this on samsung tablet why not wacht it on netflix its way more fun!
                  • akita_inu
                    akita_inu2 months55 popcorn
                    love this movie make sure to watch this!!!
                    • srharney
                      srharney2 months
                      This movie will be great for you if you like adventure. If you like music this is a great movie for you as well. I really do like this movie because it shows excitement. I also can really tell the animator spent time on it. So those are just a few things I really like about this movie, Vivo.