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Frozen Fever (2015)

49 ratings147 reviews
  • queen_jew
    why cant frozen fever be its own movie.I was going to see it but my dad said we arent going to watch a cartoon but on monday im going to see home and maybe next week or the day after monday ill go see cinderella with frozen fever...I CANT WAIT ITs GOING TO BE AWSOME!! some day will there be just ...

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

224 ratings446 reviews
  • neoncat
    neoncat22 popcorn
    It was so disappointing. I've read the book, and I'm sure other fangirls were disappointed as well. Percy Jackson deserved a better movie than this. The directors ripped pieces from the book and slapped together a new story. I don't know what story THIS is, but it's NOT Percy Jackson. I hate how ...

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

42 ratings119 reviews
  • neoncat
    neoncat55 popcorn
    *NON-SPOILER REVIEW* There are so many reasons why I love the Hobbit. I can't say in words how much it has changed my life. I love all of Tolkien's work and it broke my heart to see it all come to an end. It was phenomenal, intense, and epic. Although some parts were different, I look past it bec...

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014)

85 ratings287 reviews
  • fiddlefaddle
    Mockingjay part 1 is the outstanding one half of the third series of the trilogy, hunger games. It shows many emotions. Such a hatred, love, depression, and whatever else you can think of in this movie. its just like a roller coaster on the big screen. There is much hate between the capitol and t...

Interstellar (2014)

12 ratings29 reviews
  • rorschach
    Ok, sense Dogo Movies won't actually post the REAL Interstellar, I ma do a review, on the REAL one. Christopher Nolan as we all know is the best director/writer, to ever live! This was not only a visual master peice! but one amazing love story! The way they show you how much Cooper loved Murph, w...

Cinderella (2015)

31 ratings71 reviews
  • 3002efg
    3002efg55 popcorn
    i LOVE Hayley Atwell and i am just so glad she got a part as the mother in this amazing movie. After her hit series Agent Carter, this is just what she needs to get noticed by everyone.

Big Hero 6 (2014)

248 ratings943 reviews
  • spinnypeeps
    spinnypeeps55 popcorn
    *I am Baymax, your personal health care companion. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?* On a scale of one to ten, I would rate this movie a twelve. At first, I thought this was going to be the classic yet boring plot: "Ingenious boy invents robot. The robot is a but- kicking f...

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

100 ratings278 reviews
  • Dear Earthlings
    The Guardians of the Galaxy were suppose to be crushed by our alien military might. All these different characters are all unique and are lucky to have just happened to find each other. These characters were all suppose to be bad guys like me. Ronan (that's me) should have destroyed all of you. I...

Annie (2014)

97 ratings330 reviews
  • Gamer
    I feel like this movie was lacking compared to the 1982 movie. The remix of Little Girls is cringe-worthy, and I felt like Sandy's role was greatly diminished in this version of the beloved play. Although it does have nice remixes of "Tommorow", "It's a Hard Knock Life", and "I think I'm Gonna L...

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

20 ratings11 reviews
  • liandres
    liandres55 popcorn
    5 ticket winners got to see the factory of Willy Wonka, which makes the best sweets. Charlie, one of those lucky kids, was the only one that got through without getting in trouble and was rewarded.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2015)

0 ratings1 review
  • basi344
    I hope this is a good movie! I an eager to watch it! I am very curious about it! I predict it is either a mystery or an adventure. I am soooo curious!

Bratz: The Movie (2007)

14 ratings7 reviews
  • mad91
    mad9155 popcorn
    Cole, Jade, sosha, and Yassmin have all this differint prsinallues like Cole is like a town boy, has all of enugeand is on the soccer team, and Sosha is a conchol frek and on the cheerleter team, Jade love fashin so she wreres funcy fashins to school and Jade is rilly smart so she is on the...

Home (2015)

2 ratings4 reviews
  • lilrocks68
    lilrocks6855 popcorn
    I loved this movie! I saw it right away today and it is really funny! I could watch it over and over again! I think that anyone who can should see this movie!

Frosty the Snowman (1969)

6 ratings6 reviews
  • redheadperson22
    redheadperson2211 popcorn
    This is a review of the 2006 version, not the classic version. What I thought of it: Well the whole movie was down right silly. Not to mention creepy. Why did all the kids love Frosty the Snowman when all he ever did was cause trouble? I don't thing there was a single good thing that he himself d...

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010)

98 ratings74 reviews
  • borntoswim
    borntoswim44 popcorn
    I love this movie. Jeff Kinny is amazing at writing the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. This is the first book of the series and they changed it into a great version. They kept most of the big details but made it original. I think this is the best book of the series and I hope they make more.

McFarland USA (2015)

6 ratings15 reviews
  • goldieluxe12
    goldieluxe1255 popcorn
    I watched this movie yesterday I recemond it to anybody it is very touching because I am Mexican And the video was about a coach who has just move to McFarland and coaches 7 kids to win the state cross country race . Also the coach has two draughts Julie and her other daughter Jamie Julie has h...

Cars (2006)

43 ratings9 reviews
  • littlelady
    littlelady44 popcorn
    Cars was a nice movie and I thought it was pretty cute. But I wasn't crazy about it like I was with cars 2. My brothers love this movie as well as cars 2. This movie is so cute LittleLady:)

Abduction (2011)

17 ratings16 reviews
  • borntoswim
    borntoswim33 popcorn
    I didn't enjoy this movie very much. It was pretty confusing though, but in the end it all made sense. The plot wasn't very original, but entertaining. It think it's for ages 9 and 10 and up. Taylor Lautner did a good job but Lily Collins stunk. At tops I give this a 3.

Monte Carlo (2011)

147 ratings165 reviews
  • borntoswim
    borntoswim44 popcorn
    I liked this movie. Selena Gomez was fabulous as always but I didn't know any of the other actors because she was the main one. I liked this movie becuase it sort of had some shared experinces lots of people can relate to. It's about these pair of sisters who don't like each other. One's smart an...

The Karate Kid (2010)

69 ratings40 reviews
  • nick483
    Ha ya look it is Jackie chan and the smith son but I forgot his name this movie is funny and awesome when the kids knows plenty of new karate moves and when I watch it I fell like doing Kung fu so cmon let's do some Kung fu

The Nut Job (2014)

146 ratings176 reviews
  • redheadperson22
    redheadperson2244 popcorn
    Warning! This review contains spoilers! What I thought of it: This movie was completely underrated. It got mostly negative reviews ( maybe not on this website, but everywhere else). I don't get why. It's excellent. Surly, was a great main character. He was a loner, and kind of a jerk. Most of the...

Finding Nemo (2003)

144 ratings101 reviews
  • Tori
    Finding Nemo, is like a sad movie and also a great movie at the same time. Finding Nemo is one of those movies who a dad fish goes looking for his son but it happens like one day nemo was not even born yet and so his mother and dad woke up and checked on there baby's in a hole under the sea and s...

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

17 ratings21 reviews
  • cookiemonster6
    am a huge fan of fast and furious i have watched all of them except the 4th one my favourite is the 5th and the 6th i feel incredibly sad that paul walker died everyone should totally watch this movie

Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

170 ratings232 reviews
  • redheadperson22
    redheadperson2211 popcorn
    Warning! This review may contain spoilers! I haven't watched it in a while, but I'll tell you what I remember. So there's this guy and he somehow ends up in a magical land... or something. What I thought of it: Honestly, I don't know why so many people liked this. The main guy (don't remember his...

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