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The Jungle Book (2016)

18 ratings50 reviews
  • lanybugy
    lanybugy55 popcorn
    I agree with peachz all the animals looked so realistic like Bagheera and Baloo and all the wolfs it is so cool I recommend it for 5 and under because the can spot all the pretty animals I liked king louie because Christopher walken I am his biggest fan he is so funny I would just like to...

Miracles from Heaven (2016)

19 ratings77 reviews
  • adorablesadness
    adorablesadness55 popcorn
    It is about a girl named Anna the man up top is a doctor and he helps her somehow and she is climbing up a tree with her big sister , they got on a thick branch then it started to break and they got scared and the big sister told Anna to go to a hole on the tree and sit on it and hold on tight to...

The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

25 ratings132 reviews
  • julya2nd grade
    in my opnion in the summer i want watch the secret life of pets. i like the part that the comes to the cake mixer. and i also like when the bird played in the tv. and like the tittle because they tell all about the secret things that the dogs could do.and i m also curious about this movie and ...

Grease (1978)

33 ratings57 reviews
  • hailey1222
    This movie is so amazing if you having seen it you have to it's all about singing dancing and having fun. I recamend that every body should at least try to watch this movie . This movie has been my favorite sence I was at least 4 years old. I was even in the play at school

God's Not Dead 2 (2016)

12 ratings25 reviews
  • lilly52
    lilly5255 popcorn
    I love God's NOT DEAD. I can't wait till I watch this one. I love how others stand up, and aren't afraid to speak the truth. I learned last month, something good an out of something bad. I wish more people would know about God. The people that do aren't afraid since God is always their. He works ...

Sly Cooper (2016)

1 rating1 review

My Little Pony - The Princess Promenade (2006)

4 ratings2 reviews
  • bffquinn03
    bffquinn0355 popcorn
    Well this pony found a royal dragon and touched the flower that made her an princess. She wasn't able to be the real her and hang out with her friends. Then she decided everyone is a princess.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games (2015)

21 ratings45 reviews
  • kathleenpony
    kathleenpony55 popcorn
    This movie is the best of the Equestria Girls movies the My Little Pony creators ever made! It's about six teenage girls, Sunset Shimmer from Equestria, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rarity, who all "pony up" when they play music. Sunset Shimmer is asked to figure out why t...

Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life (Pocket Monster Diamond & Pearl: Arceus' Conquering of Space-Time)(Gekijoban poketto monsuta: Daiyamondo & paru purachina - Aruseusu chokoku no jiku e) (2009)

35 ratings43 reviews
  • flamevictini
    flamevictini55 popcorn
    I love this movie it's like my 5th favorite movie in Poke'mon it is the finale to the Sinnoh triology. I love th TRio find the Jewel of Life while aura guardians and stuff couldn't XD.

Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (2006)

12 ratings12 reviews
  • dan408166
    dan40816655 popcorn
    this movie is great and sad. It was sad when lucario had to die saving all the pokemon in the tree of life. watch to find out why he had to die!

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The Secret Life of Pets

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Miracles from Heaven

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The Secret Life of Pets