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Inside Out (2015)

72 ratings221 reviews
  • eeyore365
    This movie is probably one of the best family movies I've ever seen. One of my favorite things about the movie is because all the things inside you (according to the movies), match up with things in the real world. For example, when Joy and Sadness are in dream productions, they see a person yell...

Frozen Fever (2015)

105 ratings323 reviews
  • bigmelo
    bigmelo55 popcorn
    I... Must... Watch... This. You see, I suffer from a rare medical condition that is prescribed to one person out of 7.3 billion people. It's called the Frozen Fever, & it'll make your body slowly stiffen into ice. Of course, this all started when I was very young, & my sister struck me in the hea...

Descendants (2015)

9 ratings29 reviews
  • gymnast191
    gymnast19155 popcorn
    This movie is great for a middle school girl like me. BTW I'm 11 years old.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

104 ratings44 reviews
  • coolnicki477
    As Harry Potter comes into his fourth year at Hogwarts school of Wizardry and Magic he faces Lord Voldemort as he reformed at the end of the Triwizard Tournament. Before this all happened, someone put Harry's name into the cup and it turned out to be the son of Mr. Crouch pretending to be Moody, ...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (2011)

168 ratings138 reviews
  • disney12998
    disney1299855 popcorn
    i am a HUGE HARRY POTTER FAN and this movie is epic! It has everything drama, fantasy, action, and so much more. In this movie harry potter battles Voldemort. Before that, the destruction of hogwarts was taking place. 9SPOILER ALERT: FRED WEASLY DIES IN THE END!) Many people die including fred, t...

White House Down (2013)

2 ratings6 reviews
  • book123
    Imagine this... The head of the secret service is blowing up the White House in this suspenseful great film! John Kale (channing tatum) with his prescient obsessed daughter are in the White House for an interview. All of the sudden the White House is under attack!! With his daughter being held h...

Jurassic World (2015)

25 ratings85 reviews
  • borntoswim
    borntoswim55 popcorn
    This movie was amazing. No wonder it's killing it in the box offices, if you haven't seen it I would advise you to watch it because it's going to be a classic. Everyone used to think Jurassic Park was good, but I watched it after I watched this one, and I couldn't even finish it because it was so...

Frozen (2013)

911 ratings1847 reviews
  • Sid
    When I first saw the movie trailer for “Frozen” I thought it was going to be a waste of time, and that Disney should not spend the time to make such a dumb film. “Frozen” came out on Thanksgiving Day and several of my friends saw it, and they told me it was one of the greatest Disney movies ever ...

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

43 ratings33 reviews
  • nick483
    nick48344 popcorn
    This movie is so awesome marvel fans and one thing very cool. This movie is about the first avenger and they named him captain America well in the beginning not yet captan America he was just one whole skinny man fighting for war. Till a man wanted to take him away from the army since he is weak ...

Insurgent (2015)

23 ratings72 reviews
  • bigmelo
    bigmelo55 popcorn
    I've heard many things about both the movie series & the books, so I believe I have collected enough information to analyze this series. This is the Divergent series, written by Veronica Roth, which revolves around Beatrice Prior, a young woman living in a futuristic world. In this setting, peopl...

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