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Coraline (2009)

82 ratings115 reviews
  • post-it-people
    post-it-people55 popcorn
    This movie is good not that scary for 9-20 year olds but if you are under nine be careful. This is about a sad girl who does not like her parents more her mom, she finds a secret room in her house and meets another veriton of her mom and dad and everyone in her town, they all seem nice first time...

Mary Poppins (1964)

192 ratings153 reviews
  • Kiara
    In my opinion I would go and see the movie Secret life of pets in the theater. I would see this because it Iooks funny because when the cat was eating all the food in the re-fridge . Next I would see this movie because it is fun because when all the pets are so fun when they are making a party....

The Martian (2015)

71 ratings205 reviews
  • neko-chan-man
    neko-chan-man55 popcorn
    Oh My Gosh!!!!! I was once a kid with bad grades on astronomy, and when my family picked this movie to watch, I moaned and groaned... but once I started watching, I was sucked up in the story like a vacuum cleaner sucking up dust! Once the movie ended, I didn't budge until my mom told me that sh...

Allegiant (2016)

0 ratings1 review
  • awesomemaymay
    I am looking forward to watch this movie after i finish the book!

In Time (2011)

12 ratings9 reviews
  • borntoswim
    borntoswim55 popcorn
    THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER! It was so amazing and it was packed with the best actors and actresses. There was Justin Timberlake, Amanda Syfried, Olivia Wilde, Alex Pettyfer and many more who did an outstanding job. It is a great movie for kids over the age of nine but it's an amazing family movi...

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

13 ratings41 reviews
  • spider2001
    This move was incredible! I loved every minute of it! It tells the story of Bill Cage, who is forced to join the army to fight against an alien race known as the Mimics. What they don't know is that the aliens completely slaughtered everyone and wins. However, cage successfully killed a Mimic, a...

Iron Man 3 (2013)

116 ratings143 reviews
  • nick483
    nick48344 popcorn
    This movie is so cool and awesome. This movie is about Tony stark or should I say iron man is once trying to save the world from this heat bad thing that explodes from yourselves and leaves a shadow, the heat thing was something he made before being the man iron man, so any way he tries to make a...

The Fifth Element (1997)

2 ratings2 reviews
  • jadeharley
    jadeharley55 popcorn
    WE WATCHED THIS IN COMPUTER CLASS AND I LOVE IT :D There was two scenes that the teacher had to fast-forward past...if you get what I mean...

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

207 ratings400 reviews
  • xxpish
    “Catching Fire,” the newly released movie and the sequel to “The Hunger Games,” was one of the most anticipated movies of 2013. The expectations for the second movie were high because of the success of the first movie, which was the film adaptation of the first book in the trilogy. Those expecta...

Home (2015)

119 ratings353 reviews
  • nick483
    nick48344 popcorn
    This movie is so awesome, it is about a Grobs invaded earth but not attacking human but to make it their new home after their enemy is after them, and trying to be saved but this org name Oh keeps on making mistakes when he invited a letter to party over the whole universe included their enemy a...

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